My Website Was Penalized By Google. Can You Help?

It can be extremely frustrating when the hard earned search rankings for your online business in Mississauga tumble overnight or even worse, disappear permanently.

Welcome to Google land.

Starting April 2005, Google started to introduce small but frequent changes to its search algorithms which were aimed at weeding out irrelevant listings from search results and also penalizing any websites which were violating their terms and conditions.

While it did alter the search engine landscape permanently, mostly for the better, many online businesses which had not violated any terms or conditions ‘knowingly’ were also affected.

Rankings dropped. Speculation became rife. Some received a notification about it from Google. Others received nothing. Either way, panic spread among websites trying to figure out what went wrong.

Thankfully, a lot more is now known about these updates and penalties and with the right knowledge, you can easily circumvent it.

If you have recently noticed that your rankings have dropped significantly, then you may have been slapped by Google. And here’s what you can do about it.

Webmaster Tools

There are many types of Google penalties and most of these, are accompanied with a notification in Webmaster tools. It comes in the form of a short email which politely tells you that you have just been kicked out from our search results pages.

So, the first and most obvious step would be to log on to WMT and check if you have actually received a penalty notification.

If yes, then it may well be the start of an elaborate and tedious process in which you try to rectify the mistake and undo some of the damage that you may have done.

Why was I penalized?

The first step on the road to recovery is to understand why you were penalized. Mostly, the Google notification clears things out. If you have not received a notification though, then it will be guesswork and tons of it.

To make things simpler, here are a list of common penalty actions by Google.

Manual Penalty/Spam

Google has automated most of the penalty actions but some niches demand a manual review every now and then. This results in a Manual Penalty on your site. Log on to your Webmaster Tools Account and under the ‘Search Traffic’ tab on the left, look for manual actions.

Algorithmic Penalty

Algorithmic penalties are an on-going process that can happen anytime without a warning. The only way to know if you have been hit with one is to constantly monitor your rankings and your traffic. Any sudden change can indicate a penalty action.

How to recover from a Penalty

The best way to recover from a Google Penalty is to undo the mistakes that may have invited the penalty in the first place. It may be a long process that often requires the expertise of an SEO company who specialize in recovery. Speak to a local SEO company in Mississauga to know more about how you can revoke a penalty.


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