Optimizing For Pinterest SEO

From an evolving social network that was the buzzword a few years ago, Pinterest has now acquired an enviable position and is second only to Facebook for driving targeted traffic to websites.

This means that online businesses in Mississauga can no longer afford to ignore this increasingly popular platform with over 176 million registered users, if recently released growth reports are anything to go by.

  • 176 million registered users
  • 100 million active users
  • 85% of Female users
  • 42% of online adult women in the US use Pinterest

These numbers are all set to rise in the next few years and this is the perfect time to utilize this social network for your online marketing purposes.

However, as with any new social network, getting started on Pinterest can be a tad overwhelming for the newbie.

Here are 7 tweaks that will help you get started with optimizing your business on Pinterest.

The Profile

Even before you jump-the-gun to start creating Pins, it is important to choose the right username and tweak your profile so that it reflects your marketing goals. For example, if you’d like to be known on Pinterest by your brand name, then you’d want to secure that username before anyone else takes it. Always remember that whenever this username gets pasted anywhere, it will serve as the keyword/anchor text.

Keyword Research

Pick your top 10 keywords and look them up on Pinterest. Now review the top search results and analyse their pins and profiles for keyword usage, descriptions and the content. For example, If you are a florist in Mississauga, then you’d want to research relevant keywords like Birthday Bouquet in Mississauga, Anniversary bouquet and Wedding flowers. You’d want to understand how Pinterest SEO works and the best way to do this is do some searches yourself. The desktop and the mobile version of the sites work differently. So, try the searches from a mobile device too.

Your boards

Create boards that are neatly organized and appealing to the eye. Since the onus is on visual media, a lot of Pinterest users make the mistake of ignoring the importance of a catchy title. A well-organized Pinterest board has both interesting images and captivating titles. And it is not always necessary to insert your keywords in the titles either.

The Pins

The Pins are the content that will generate traffic and get shared. Think of it the way you think about content on your website. Be descriptive but try to minimize the amount of text and choose high quality images. Also, access the pins from a mobile device to see how it looks. As a rule of thumb, taller pins tend to look better on mobile devices.

The Description

The description is one of the most important parts of your Pin. So you’d want to ensure that you create a thoughtful, original and specific description that helps other pinners find your pins. Avoid keyword stuffing or using irrelevant hashtags. You are not on Instagram.

Rich Pins

Rich Pins are an excellent way to display better information about a pin. It has also been noted that rich pins perform much better than regular pins in search engines. Rich Pins can be about apps, movies, recipes, articles, products and places.

Your Social Media Consultant in Mississauga will be able to guide you on using the best practices for your Pinterest account.


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