Run Away If You Hear One Of These Four SEO Myths

When you first venture into the Digital Marketing space looking for SEO services, you will meet all kinds of people. People with zero information or knowledge about what’s happening with search engines, people with hidden agendas and people who can do your Mississauga business, more harm than good.

You’ll mostly hear myths though. Myths that are disguised and labelled as gospel, misleading new businesses into making choices that they’d avoid under normal circumstances.

SEO and myths have always been hand-in-glove. Ask someone who’s never succeeded at SEO to describe how it works and they will rant about it with one of the below mentioned myths.

The best you can do when you hear one of these, is run away.

Myth #1 SEO doesn’t exist

Oh yes it does. Anyone who tells you that it doesn’t has either something else to sell to you or has failed miserably at it. SEO is based on understanding a set of algorithms that search engines use to weigh the importance of your website. And if you understand these algorithms, mostly by repeated testing, you can successfully replicate the same results again and again. That’s why successful SEO companies are so successful. Because they don’t throw a bunch of things against a wall and see what sticks. They know what they are doing and they rinse and repeat the same thing, again and again.

Myth #2 – SEO is cheap

Think about this. If thousand people search every day for a service that you offer in Mississauga (Targeted traffic) and your website can be put right in front of those thousand, wouldn’t that be a money-maker? Yes. It would. Now, why would any company in the world want to do that for cheap considering that it takes an in-depth understanding of search engine algorithms and relentless testing to find how to do it?

An SEO is not someone that changes a few tags, inserts a few keywords and builds spammy links to your website. Maybe in 2005, you could get away with that. Not anymore.

The world has evolved. Search has evolved and to succeed with search today, you need to stay one step ahead of search engines constantly monitoring and altering things. It’s a knowledge based service that will never come cheap. If someone offers you a Page #1 ranking for $100 a month, you are too naïve to believe that it will work.

Myth #3 – SEO Audits should be free

Not by a long shot. Because an SEO audit is a lot more than analysing your website with a few online tools and adding a few comments to it. A true SEO website audit is a time consuming and tedious process that involves minutely scrutinizing every page of a website, the links that point to it, the keywords that it is targeting and penalty signatures. A bad audit will probably be a shortcut to a penalty. And if your site is penalized already, to a perpetual ban.

Myth #4 – A website will rank with time

No it won’t. There are websites that are made in the late 90s that have never seen more than 10-12 hits in a day and have perpetually been beyond page 10 on search engines. You need to optimize your website. You need links. You need a content marketing strategy. You need to incorporate local SEO into it. Social media must be accounted for. There is a lot to do and just making a website for your Mississauga business and waiting for traffic will get you nowhere.


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