SEO Tips For A News Website

If you want your news website to reach out to a wide audience, you must understand the strategies that work for this type of site. Let’s look at a few changes that you can make to boost rankings and traffic in a news site.

Focus On News Alone

The best performing news websites online like The Guardian and Huffington Post focus on just news. They are not websites that have content to promote their individual businesses. Your news will only be indexed fast if Google perceives your website as a news site.

Invest In Mobile Website

Lots of people are using their mobile devices to read news. Make sure your news website is well optimized for mobiles. Create accelerated mobile pages to ensure the site loads fast on all mobile devices. These pages, unlike the desktop version will make the site more responsive regardless of the user’s screen size. The site will not include lots of the fancy stuff that is on the desktop version but will focus mostly on delivering content fast.

Improve Site Crawl Site

One thing that’s important for all news site is for Google crawlers to visit the site and index it fast. For a start, you need to work on your site speed. Make sure your site loads pretty quick. Secondly, create XML sitemaps that facilitate proper and quick crawling and indexing. This sitemap is not like the ordinary one for other websites. Google requires sitemaps for news websites to include only news from the last two days. The sitemap needs to be updated regularly to include fresh content and has a limit of 1,000 URLs. Most importantly, don’t create a new sitemap every other time and instead update the current one.

Post Consistently

Having fresh news articles on your website will not only boost readership but also help to improve crawl speed. Whenever Google crawlers visit your website, they need to find new content. You can also work on your server and making sure it doesn’t have any downtimes. Having downtimes can really slow down the crawl speed.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Content

Make sure Google crawlers are not spending a lot of time indexing excessive and unneeded content on your website. You can do this by reviewing your site structure and making sure any pages that you don’t need to be crawled are blocked. Avoid duplicate content because this can also compromise website rankings.

Make Content Updates When Necessary

News articles can be updated to provide readers with the latest content. These updates can also help to boost your SEO. Make sure you always provide the most current news by making these updates instead of adding a new article. Google wants to maintain a permanent link to that news. When you create a new page for the same news, you tend to create a new link which may not rank as well as the first. So make regular content updates whenever it’s necessary. For instance, if you had written a news article about an upcoming event, update it during the event or after to provide additional content.


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