SEO Tips For Real Estate Websites

A real estate website can present its unique challenges when trying to market it and improve rankings. For a start, real estate websites have very dynamic content. At a point in time, a property will be up for sale and once it gets a suitable buyer, it’s removed from the website. Because content has a huge impact on how well your site ranks, having temporary text that is updated and removed all the time can harm your SEO efforts. We’ll show you how to optimize your real estate website successfully.

Connect With Your Audience On The ‘About Us’ Page

First and foremost, make your website more personal by working on the about us section. Add all the information about your team, including their images and short descriptions. Also, include the company’s brief history. Try and make it very unique and personal to your brand.

Add Content For Your Locations

There’s probably a wide range of locations that your real estate company services. To get ahead in local SEO, provide adequate content for each specific location. You can have separate pages optimized for each location you serve. This will help those people who are looking for real estate in different locations on search to find you. Make sure these area-based pages have local based keywords and the content is updated regularly. You can even have an events calendar that provides more information in these areas.

Provide Adequate Contact Information

Make sure your web pages are properly designed to allow users to contact you whenever they feel the need. For instance, your phone number should appear on every property page. Make sure there’s a contact form as well on the sidebar of the listings page where there are estate details. This allows any potential buyers to quickly fill out their information or give you a call when they need assistance.

Property Details

The information you add on the website regarding your property will also help your website to rank. This includes the property description, images with keyword rich tags and even the address. The listing can appear on the search results page. You never have to delete the listing just because the property has been sold. If it does create some traffic, leave it there. Just make sure the property is clearly listed as sold. You can have similar properties down below or on the side to pull the user to other listings on your website. The other option can be to redirect the user to similar properties.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has a huge potential of attracting lots of real estate buyers. Use it wisely to promote your properties and you’ll boost conversion rates. When using social media to share listings, present the most important details of the property. Think about the features that make it unique such as the price, size and location when sharing on social media. Build trust by blogging on real estate matters in your region. You can also use well optimized blogs to increase your traffic via social media.


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