Seven Reasons SEO Earnings Are On The Rise

The salary for SEO professionals is on the rise in North America, especially in cities such as New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Across the board, the salary for SEO related jobs as averaged a double-digit growth over the past four years or so.  Marketing/SEO managers have seen the greatest increase in pay at +26%.  Their average salary is nearly USD $80,500, nearly $17,000 more than what it was in 2012. However, while their increase was the greatest, their salaries still aren’t the highest in the industry. Of all SEO related roles, directors of marketing have the highest salary of approximately $104,200.

There are a number of reasons why SEO salaries are experiencing growth:

1- More and more local businesses are starting to realize that conventional advertising methods are no longer effective enough by themselves. While it’s still possible to get results through billboard ads, radio ads, and TV ads, it is not possible to rely on them solely. An internet presence is still required for any business this day and age, no matter how small.

2- The increasing number of layoffs in this struggling economy has led to more people wanting to start an online business from home. With the rise of internet businesses come more opportunities for SEO experts. Many of the individuals starting home businesses ARE SEO experts.

3- The rise of social media has played a significant role in the increase of SEO opportunities and salaries. Search engine optimization isn’t just about using a keywords strategically on a website and trying to build links anymore – it encompasses a number of things, including social media presence and brand awareness.

4- Corporations are trying to fill in-house SEO expertise gaps. One of the biggest problems faced by enterprises is the lack of in-house skills for many SEO related areas. The significant rise in salaries reflects this.

5- As the search engine algorithms have become more and more advanced in recent years, the number of penalized or banned websites is growing. Some methods that weren’t against the rules seven or eight years ago are against the rules now. Website owners who have tried to do everything on their own and ended up getting penalized, must now consult SEO experts to help them get into Google’s good graces again. It can be a big hassle to get rid of the penalties. Some companies have to start over from scratch.

6- More content than ever before is required. It’s not just articles or blogs anymore – it’s also social media posts, product descriptions, landing page copy, etc. As content marketing grows, so does the required SEO that goes with it.

7- Since user-friendliness and mobile-friendliness are both integral to search engine rankings, businesses that have not yet created a mobile version of their site must now do so. To meet the requirements of companies who need more intuitive sites, SEO companies must now add web designers and programmers to their payroll.

There are literally dozens and dozens of ranking factors for SEO. The only way for an SEO firm to provide clients with a full SEO package is to make sure that all ranking factors are covered with their experts – and this means attracting top talented and offering attractive compensation.


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