Seven Super Tools For SEO And Internet Marketing

There are more tools and resources out there for SEO and internet marketing than can be counted. With so many to choose from, it’s possible to feel overwhelmed – especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with search engine optimization.

To help eliminate some of that confusion, here is a list of the best tools for doing SEO-related research right now:

1. SEMRush

This tool is helpful for determining the health of a site. One way it does this is by doing audits on the areas of your site that aren’t visible. It checks for everything from backlinks to the uniqueness of titles and meta descriptions. It allows you to read detailed reports about your SEO and what it is lacking. You can quickly view errors on your site. SEMRush also provides a way to perform keyword research by seeing what competitors are ranking for.

2. AHrefs

AHrefs is a package of tools that includes a site explorer, content explorer, position tracker, position explorer, and crawl report. Whenever you need to do any kind of backlink research to receive link data for audits, this is a great package. It provides you with information such as whether your link growth is natural, how many of your backlinks are coming from .edu or .gov sites, the number of inbound links that are coming from unique IPs, and more.

3. Google Search Console

The Search Console tools, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, are free and designed to allow webmasters to do a number of essential tasks, such as submitting a sitemap, verify a robots.txt file, fix errors, make updates to an HTML file, and a lot more. Webmasters and SEO professionals can use these tools to find information concerning search traffic, crawl data, and technical status updates.

4. Soovle

This simple tool makes it easy to find keywords that people are actually searching for in not only the major search engines, but YouTube,, Wikipedia, and more. If you use Soovle with BuzzSumo, you can find many opportunities to create better content for targeted internet users.

5. BuzzSumo

This is a great resource that helps you to understand what kind of content is currently getting a high ranking across the internet. You simply enter a topic related to your industry to see what content is currently ranking #1. It also allows you to browse the top ranking page’s comments to get a better understanding of what your target audience is interested in.

6. Followeronk

A Moz owned tool, Followerwonk is an advanced Twitter analytics platform. If Twitter is one of the social media networks you are involved in, you can use this tool to analyze the followers of other people in your niche. It can also be used to help find social influencers within your industry, and to track and measure the success of your Twitter campaigns.

7. Majestic

Majestic is an extensive suite that consists of four levels of access. The basic level is free and limited, yet still offers a couple of very useful tools, such as Backlink History and Site Explorer. The latter takes your URL and provides you with tons of information about it.

Despite being a comprehensive suite with multiple levels, Majestic is very easy to use – even for beginners.


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