The Benefits Of Repurposing Content And How To Do It Right

While you are trying to market your website, one of the issues you might come across is slow growth in organic traffic. There comes a time in every marketer’s life when you feel like your site doesn’t get any traction without paid advertising. This has a lot to do with the way your target audience digests the content you publish on the site. Perhaps repurposing content can have a significant impact on your organic traffic.

Benefits Of Repurposing Content

Why should you spend every day creating content while you can work on getting what you already have on your website reaching more and more people? This is one of the major goals of repurposing content. It helps you to take every piece you’ve created, give it a fresh perspective and share it to your target audience. Repurposing content will not only save you a lot of time but also allows you to work smart as opposed to working hard in content marketing.

Repurposing content not only allows you to reach out to a new target audience but also helps to reinforce your message. Sometimes you just need to tell your target consumers a certain message several times before they can finally convert. If it’s a topic that is important to your brand, repurposing it will help to deliver the message in a different way to your audience. The content can set you as an authority in your industry.

Sharing content that you have on your site in a different manner can also help to boost organic search rankings. The same content can boost your site visibility and traffic if you find unique ways to reach out to a different target audience. You can make use of more keywords and target different search queries. This means the same piece of content will show up for different searches.

How To Repurpose Content

The first step is to select the type of content that you can use for repurposing. If you already have archives of content on your website’s blog, this will be easy. Start by looking at the articles that got the most views, social engagement or pages where users spent the most time. You can find all these metrics on Analytics. When you get these metrics, start by ranking the content from the ones that got the most views to the least.

When choosing what kind of content to repurpose, try and consider other factors and not just the post’s popularity. For instance, there are posts that may not have lots of views but if the content is slightly updated, it may provide a lot of valuable data that makes it appeal to more people.

When looking for ways to repurpose content, consider making videos from the blog posts you have or coming up with infographics and images that summarize the information provided on the blog. You can even add data and update specific areas of the content then share it on social media. You’ll be surprised at the kind of traction it gives your brand.


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