The Top Areas To Focus Your Efforts For Your SEO Strategy

There are many SEO strategies, and it might be hard to decide which ones are the best for your company. While there are fundamentals that every online business should stick with, there also needs to be a personalized approach. Any SEO strategy should be based in part on a company’s goals and financial situation.

A goal for an online business could be anything from selling more products to spreading awareness about a particular topic. Companies should identify which areas of SEO will help them achieve that goal and put the most focus on those areas.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

– Do all of the fundamental on-site optimization. You will want to get the basics out of the way before doing anything else. The following should be optimized: page content, meta descriptions, title tags, loading times, URL structure, headings, internal linking, etc.

– Determine the amount of local SEO you should do. Every business should include at least some local SEO in their strategy, even ones that operate solely online. If you do have a local business, however, you should be putting a lot of focus on this aspect of internet marketing. Have your business profile listed on all major business directory sites. Make sure your name, address, and phone number are listed the same on every profile, as consistency is very important. Create a page for every city you serve.

– Determine your budget for pay-per-click advertising and decide whether or not it’s really worth your time. If the cost of targeted keywords is high and you don’t expect much of an ROI, then PPC might not be worth your time. If you think some low-cost, long tail keywords might bring you in some leads or revenue, then PPC might be an option worth going for.

– How much content do you need to keep the search engine crawlers happy? What kind of content? While content is a must for every website and business, some industries require a lot more than others. If your goal is to provide information and awareness to as many people as possible, you will need to put a lot of focus on content. If you are running an online store that involves selling products, you probably won’t need as many articles, blog posts, ebooks, etc. For an ecommerce site, you will need product descriptions, reviews, and quality images of products.

– Part of any SEO strategy should involve knowing how to identify mistakes and how to fix them. You don’t want to waste any time with internet marketing that’s ineffective. The sooner you are able to identify problems, the better. If you have a high bounce rate, then find out why. Is there something wrong with the landing page? Is it loading too slowly? Are the visitors who leave quickly all coming from the same place, while visitors from other sources stick around? If this is the case, then the problem is with that specific source.

– Don’t forget that social media plays a role in SEO these days. How much time do you need to spend on it? What is your purpose for participating in social media? Is your primary goal to bring brand awareness to your company? Or to share important information with other people? To do research? All three? Whatever the case may be, be careful with how you spread information. You don’t want to outright spam anybody, or have them accuse of it.


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