Top Tips For Making Your Keywords More Effective

Who could ever forget the keyword craze from around 2006-2010? There were PPC bidding wars between competitors left and right. Blackhat SEO marketers would spam keywords all over the place and sometimes even get away with it. A lot of companies spent money on keyword research and developers would create keyword finder tools.

As time passed, search engines – Google in particular – began to take tough measures on keyword spammers. The algorithms became more advanced and were programmed to look at the content surrounding the keywords as well as the keywords themselves.

With the advent of social media marketing, internet business pages, and review pages, smaller businesses now have a way to catch up with large competitors without having to worry as much about keywords.

Some people would even say that keywords don’t matter anymore. Is this true?

According to top experts, no.  Keywords DO still matter. After all, most people do find websites by typing in keywords in search boxes. As long as people still enter words in the search box, keywords will still matter. The difference between now and seven or eight years ago is the INTENT behind keywords. What exactly is a user trying to achieve when entering a search term?

Here are a few of the most effective ways of using keywords in SEO right now:

– Prioritize your keywords – especially if you are involved in a popular industry. If you are involved in an obscure niche, you might have to prioritize as much. The more keywords, the more careful you’re going to have to be at ranking their importance. The top of your list should contain search terms that will bring in the most money.

– Make sure you’re using the keywords correctly. As mentioned above, context matters. You can’t simply list the keywords on the page without any information. It’s best to create the content and insert keywords in places where they appear natural.

– Don’t stuff keywords in the content too many times. Use two or three variations and no more than that per page. Just insert the search term once for every 100 words or so of content. It’s the quality of the keyword and the content surrounding it that matters, not the quantity.

– Learn about schema markups and use them properly. There are some specific formats you can use for various entry categories on your site. You can format keywords in microdata. These markups make it easier for search engines to process different types of information on your site and to display everything accordingly.

– Avoid using single word search terms. Ideally, you will want to go for long tail keywords as much as possible. The average internet user tends to search with multiple words. The use of broad keywords won’t help you much either. You will want to be as specific as possible. While it might seem nice to rank high for popular, yet broad keywords, the top spots are probably already taken by major companies.

Finally remember that keywords should be used as naturally as possible and you should focus on creating content that is high quality. Remembering these tips will give greater effectiveness to your keywords.


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