What Does Link Juice Mean?

‘Oh, don’t do that. It won’t pass on the link juice’.

Link what?

If you are an online business in Mississauga, new to the SEO universe, then that’s enough to throw you off.

Colloquial SEO slangs have been around forever. Dofollow, Nofollow, Google Dance, Black hat, Grey hat and Link Velocity are some of the others that I can think of at this point of time.

‘Link Juice’ just happens to be one of the most frequently used ones.

Thankfully, here’s a juicy explanation of the term that will clear things.

Link Equity

Every website on the internet looks to earn links via direct or indirect methods. And every link earned passes equity or positive ranking factors to your website. This equity, which is considered by Google as a Vote or a recommendation for your website is what is termed as ‘Link Juice’.

Link juice also passes between internal pages of websites. So if you have a high authority homepage, you can link to your internal pages to pass on link juice to those pages.

Link Juice differs from website to website. So, a Wikipedia link will give you more link juice than a link earned from a less authoritative domain. However, there are factors that limit and even restrict the flow of link juice.

How The Juice Flows

Let’s say you have two different websites A and B for your Mississauga business. Both the websites have an identical link profile (type of backlinks pointing to it) and has constant ranking factors. In other words, both websites are completely similar in terms of the content, the SEO efforts and the number and quality of links pointing to it.

Now, website A earns four links from an authority domain like Wikipedia. While website B earns four links from a newly registered domain. Automatically, website A receives more link juice than website B and will rank higher.

Because the source domain for website A, which in this case is Wikipedia is teeming with Link Equity which it will pass on. On the other hand, the newly started domain can never match Wikipedia in its domain authority.

Quantity vs. Quality

When it comes to link juice, it’s always Quality that matters. 10 links from domains with high link equity will earn you a lot more link juice than 100 links from poor quality domains. So, you have to be choosy while selecting domains to link to.


Another factor that dilutes the link juice that passes to a website is the number of outbound links from the linking domain. For example, if website A receives a link from a domain that also links to 15 other websites, whereas website B receives a link from a domain that solely links to it, then website B will receive more link juice.

Link acquisition in 2016 is a very specialized skillset that only technical SEO companies possess. So ensure that you partner with the right SEO company in Mississauga, that understands the nitty gritty of link building.


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