What Is Black Hat SEO?

Almost every online business in Mississauga has received a ‘Get ranked on #1 in Google’ Robo call, at some point in time.

Some of these cold callers even offer a ‘Money back guarantee’ if they do not get your website ranked for any keyword phrase, often in a limited time frame.

If you are new to digital marketing, it is easy to get carried away with these fancy sales pitches and hire such companies to do SEO for your business.

This can well be, the biggest mistake that you may ever make.

Because most of these companies use ‘Black Hat SEO’ techniques to rank your website fast. And these techniques are a shortcut to a permanent penalty from Google.

Defining Black Hat

The Term ‘Black Hat’ first originated in Spaghetti western movies where the bad guys often wore black hats while the good guys wore White ones.

Today, Black Hat SEO is defined as any technique that is considered unethical by Google. There are many techniques which fall into the black hat category. We will discuss those further ahead.

It may help websites to manipulate the search engine result pages and gain rankings, albeit, temporary.

So, even if you get ranked for the most competitive keyword phrase for an online business in Mississauga using Black hat techniques, this WILL be discovered by Google and your website WILL end up being penalized for it.

Some of the known Black Hat SEO techniques

Search engines and Black Hatters are constantly involved in a cat and mouse chase, with search engines making every attempt to catch up with underhand tactics used to get higher rankings and Black Hat SEOs working incessantly to discover newer strategies that will help them gain an unfair advantage.

Newer techniques are devised every now and then. But these are some of the known Black Hat SEO techniques that are even used today.

Link Buying

It’s a lot easier to buy a nice and juicy link overflowing with link juice than to earn one. You can choose the anchor text you desire. You don’t even have to make an effort to write content. But chances are that a link from the same page has been sold to hundreds of other websites like yours. And while it will pass the link juice for a while, eventually Google will figure out that it is a paid link and buying links is considered to be a serious black hat strategy.

Content Spinning

There is a reason why Google frequently updates its algorithms. This is because it wants its search results to be as effective and useful as possible for human users. Content spinning may be a cost effective technique to fill your website pages with hundreds and thousands of pages of web copy. But there is no room for spun gibberish on the internet. And be prepared for a duplication penalty very soon.

Keyword Stuffing

This sounds very ‘2000’ but it’s still frequently used. For example, if you have written an article about ‘Orthodontist in Mississauga’, then Black Hat SEOs stuff the page with the same keyword repeated multiple times throughout the copy. As a rule of thumb, any web page with a keyword density of over 1-2% can be considered as keyword stuffed by Google.

There are many other techniques which were considered legitimate earlier but are now frowned upon by Google and the entire SEO community. If you would like to know more about these, then speak to an SEO company in Mississauga today.


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