What is Domain Authority and Does it Matter?

While most SEO companies in Mississauga are careful about using vocational terms which may sound like ‘Jargon’ while addressing potential clients, every now and then, the odd-word manages to wiggle out. And it can easily throw-off someone who is new to SEO.

One such term, that you may hear persistently, is Domain Authority.
And contrary to what some people think, it’s not an Authoritative Organization that manages domain names.

Here’s the low down on this emerging catchphrase in SEO.

Domain Authority

Ever since Google officially decided to shut out PageRank from the external world of puny mortals, several third party companies have come up with their own versions of algorithms which weigh the importance of websites on the internet, based on multiple factors.

Some of these companies, have an enviable track record when it comes to SEO and are considered to be the few ‘Gurus’, who are what they claim to be.
‘Moz’ is one of them. And Domain Authority, is their version of a metric that can be used to gauge the credibility or authority of a domain. It is a numerical value ranging from 1 to 100, with 100 being the highest that any website can achieve.

These metrics are directly used in Moz’s popular analytics tool called ‘Open Site Explorer’, where you can also find some of the other metrics like Page Authority or PA (Page Specific version of Domain Authority), MozRank (Moz’s version of PageRank) and MozTrust (How many trusted websites are linking to your domain).

Domain Authority or DA is just one of the factors that can be considered while analysing the performance of your website in an SEO campaign.

You can check any website DA with such online tools as domain authority checker.

How DA matters

The ideal way to measure the success of an SEO campaign is by analysing the performance of the website in organic traffic. But using a numerical value like DA gives you more edge, because it lets you pit your website against your competitor, to see how you are performing.

For example, when you started your SEO campaign, you checked the DA of your website and it was 15. Not bad to start with. But not desirable either, if most of your competitors have websites with DA above 40.

After six months, you have witnessed a 40% rise in organic traffic and conversions. You measure the DA again and find that it has improved to 30. That’s a significant rise and you can easily consider that the campaign is moving in the right direction. Because along with the increase in traffic and conversions, the authority of your domain is also improving.

Should DA alone be considered as an indicator of the importance of a website?

Not by a long shot. Because you should never give too much importance to any third party metric or even to Google PageRank. We have seen websites which have a DA of 22 outrank websites with DA.


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