What’s The Difference Between PPC and SEO?

This is a question as old as the ‘Chicken and egg’ one. Well, maybe not. But it’s pretty old anyway.

Most online businesses in Mississauga who are starting with digital marketing are confused whether to choose PPC (sponsored listings) or do SEO (Organic search) or do both.

And this confusion is not without reason either. What is better, SEO or PPC?

If you do it right, both these strategies will get you on the first page of Google for a selected set of keyword phrases. But each has its own share of Pros and cons.

Let’s find out what they are.

PPC: Pros and Cons

PPC stands for ‘Pay per click’ or  the sponsored advertisement service from Google, in which advertisements for websites show up on the first page of Google above the natural organic search results, with a small orange icon that says ‘Ad’ on the top left corner of the listing.


  1. Instant Results:

    With PPC, you can choose a bunch of keyword, bid for it (from a few cents to a few hundred dollars per click) and have your website on Page #1 of Google for that particular keyword in a day. You bid today and your ad will be there instantly. No waiting time, allowing businesses instant brand visibility.

  2. Flexibility:

    PPC allows you to choose a bunch of high converting keywords and bid for it, rather than scoping around for keywords which may or may not perform. If your keyword is not performing and the cost vs. ROI is erratic, you drop the keyword and opt for another one.

  3. Ideal for new businesses:

    If you are a new business in Mississauga and would like to gain visibility, then PPC is the easiest way to put you on page #1 of Google. It is fast and flexible and often, these factors have unquantifiable value for new businesses.


  1. Expensive:

    As the name implies, you will be paying for every click that your ad generates. If you are bidding for an extremely competitive keyword in Mississauga, you may end up spending a lot more than what your business generates.

  2. Management:

    PPC campaigns are only effective if you constantly manage it. The ABT (Always Be Testing) rule applies here. So you need a quality SEO agency to manage your campaigns.


SEO or search engine optimization stands for techniques to optimize your website so that it gets ranked organically for keyword phrases receiving free traffic from search engines.


  1. Natural results:

    SEO gives you natural results that you won’t have to pay for. Ever.

  2. Credibility:

    More searchers are now beginning to understand the difference between sponsored listings and organic results. The later are considered to be more credible sources and hence, commands a higher click through rate. So, if you are ranking for a particular keyword phrase, the chances of a potential visitor clicking on your website listing in organic search is higher.

  3. ROI:

    SEO offers tremendous ROI. Since you pay for an entire campaign as opposed to every single click, you have the potential to rank for hundreds of keywords which could cost a fortune in PPC.


  1. Time consuming:

    SEO is not an ‘overnight’ strategy that will get you on Page #1 instantly. It is time consuming and sometimes, may even take months to get right.

  2. Algorithms:

    Google is constantly modifying its algorithms and search results are shuffled from time to time. This may affect rankings.

  3. Competition:

    The competition is more in SEO because almost every Mississauga business wants to rank organically.

Which one should I choose?

For best results, every business must choose a combination of both. PPC results will get you there but won’t last forever. SEO will get you there a lot slower, but the results will last a lot longer.


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