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Nova’s Custom Approach – Websites Tailored for your Business

At Nova when it comes to designing a custom website we approach things a little differently than other companies. Ours is a holistic approach that involves the following:

1. Website Assessment

This is where we identify the strengths and weaknesses of the existing website (if there is one). We review any SEO work that has been done to-date and evaluate the strength of the design from a conversion standpoint.

2. Online Visibility Assessment

We determine how visible your website is for the keywords searched in your category. This gives us a benchmark from which to identify opportunities and measure improvement.

3. Competitive Gap Analysis

We take the time to look at your key competitors to understand if there are gaps in areas we should be promoting and or identify weaknesses that we can exploit so that you can surpass and or stay ahead of your competitors. Knowing where your brand stands versus your primary competitors is very important part of building a sound internet marketing strategy which may impact the website design.

4. Client Priority Assessment

This is a collaborative part of the process whereby we not only identify opportunities but also listen to what our clients want to achieve and discuss strategic options to help them reach their goals. Sound strategies can not be developed in a vacuum and require inputs from both client and agency that are based on experience and key learnings to achieve the best results.

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5. Recommendation

Each proposal we prepare is specifically designed to achieve the desired goals and maps out a strategically sound custom approach for optimum results for every client.



Having a well designed custom website will certainly enhance the connection between website visitors and your brand. These types of visitors typically will spend more time reviewing your valuable content and there is a greater likelihood that they will engage your brand via email or phone which may represent an additional sales opportunity.

When it comes to designing a new website don’t compromise on the quality of the site to save a little time and or money as in the long run this type of approach ends up being significantly more expensive when the site does not rank for your category of convert traffic that finds your design.


Our Methods are proven and our design will wow you! Implement SEO strategies that keep pace with today’s internet.