Amp Up Your Web Design With These Trends

In 2016, web design is expected to be all about easy-to-use features and simple, yet attractive designs. While no two users are exactly alike, there are certain elements and design characteristics that tend to be appreciated more than others. If you’re running a business in Mississauga and want to reach out to as many consumers as possible, it’s essential that you have a user-friendly website with features people will want to see and experience.

Here is a look at some of the must-have features for a current website:

Long-Scrolling Pages

It’s been a topic of some debate as to whether a site with long scrolling or no-scrolling is ideal. The idea of no-scrolling is that it’s easier to get the point across when there is less scrolling and reading. However, the problem with no-scrolling is that it requires more clicking, and many mobile users don’t like having to click over and over again in order to find the information they need. In short, it’s easier for mobile users to simply scroll down than it is to keeping tapping on a link.

Single Page Apps

A single page app can be installed to load the entire site into the browser and use JavaScript to load everything on the page instantly. This means that the user never has to wait for the site to refresh whenever visiting a different page


Cinemagraphs are a great alternative to video streaming and slow-loading gifs. They are a combination of looping video and high-quality photographs. They are becoming more popular in every industry. Cinemagraphs can have a diverse impact on user interaction. These design features can be used to draw interest, instill an emotive effect in the viewer, etc.

Ghost Buttons

Ghost buttons aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. These elements are both transparent and attention-grabbing. The great thing about them is that they are extremely versatile. They can be used on any colour scheme. Since they are not as bold as standard website buttons, ghost buttons tend to be larger. They are especially useful on sites that have either a flat user interface or a large photo background.

Bigger Focus on Typography

Several years ago, it was difficult to make a website without the standard fonts: Arial, Times New Roman, Comic Sans, Courier New, etc. Now, typography in web design has evolved a great deal, much in part thanks to Google Fonts. While large, popular sites have been putting more focus on font type, size, use, and style in recent years, creatie typography is now just starting to become mainstream. In the future, expect to see more sites putting a focus on creative and experimental font use.

Large Headers/Hero Images

Using a hero image in a web design can really enhance the overall site. It is, after all, the very first thing a visitor will notice. The purpose of this design element is to present an overview of the site’s important content in a visually appealing way. Using a hero image in the form of a large, attractive header is a trend that is sticking around. The header can be anything from illustrated artwork to an animated video. Just make sure that whatever type of hero image you use, it goes well with the theme of your site.