Keep Visitors From Bouncing Off Your Site By Avoiding These Mistakes

In an attempt to reach out to consumers in Mississauga and nearby areas, some businesses spend a lot of money to have a website built. While having a website IS essential for any business in this day and age, it needs to be designed properly in order to work as an online marketing tool. You won’t generate very many leads if there is a problem with the layout or content.

According to recent studies, a user’s cursor movements can be a tell-tale sign of whether that user is frustrated with their experience at a website. Erratic, jerky cursor movements are an indicator that the user is experiencing negative emotions. This will likely result in the user closing out the browser or hitting the “back” button. No matter how much money you put into your site, that money will be a complete waste if you have a high bounce rate.

If you know why users bounce off of your page, you’ll be able to make appropriate improvements in order to alleviate users’ frustration.

Common reasons for bounce rates include:

Bombarding Visitors With Too Many Offers and Ads.

If you have a video message that is set to autoplay, and visitors are not sticking around for more than a few seconds, you probably shouldn’t have it. You don’t want to bombard potential leads with too much at once, whether it’s an intrusive video ad or a lot of cluttered content. The landing page should be as simplified as possible.

Making Users Dig To Find The Info They’re Looking For

Content needs to be organized and scannable. It should be easy for any visitor to find specifically what he or she is looking for. Elements such as headings and subheadings help users scan blocks of text very quickly. These days, card layouts are popular ways of presenting content in an organized manner as well. If people don’t see what they’re looking for right away, or at least a link to the page they’re looking for, they will become aggravated.

Not Sending The Right People To The Right Landing Page

If you’re spending money on ads, make sure you link each ad to a specific landing page. If a user types in a certain keyword and sees your ad, that ad better take him/her to the landing page that specifically corresponds to that ad. Not only will you not get any conversions, you will actually be wasting money by investing in ads that don’t bring in targeted leads. Not all traffic is equal.

Producing Low Quality Content

Not only does the content need to be well-written, it must be informative. You need to quickly communicate what it is that users can expect if they choose your services or products. People use search engines to find answers, so be sure that you provide them.  Present quality content in a way that ensures that the visitor will want to go on to the next step.

Making Visitors Unsure If Your Offer is Legitimate or A Scam

Unless you have an established brand, people are not going to know who you are, and whether or not your company is honest. Within a few seconds of arriving at the landing page, the visitor will automatically scan for design elements and content that communicates credibility and safety. It’s your job to come off as credible.

Keep these factors in mind if you want to reduce the bounce rate.