Predicting The Future Of Web Design – What Can We Expect in The Years To Come?

Trends seldom last for very long in the large, complex internet industry. New concepts and tools are being introduced all the time. Creative artists are always working to come up with fresh layout styles for websites. To run a successful internet marketing campaign, you must not only keep track of current trends, but be able to predict future ones as well. Don’t let your competitors in Mississauga create the ideal website before you do.

A lot can change within a year. What trends are likely to stick around in the coming months?

Here are some predictions of what 2016 and 2017 have in store for the web design industry.

Creative Grid Use

The web design platform has become so advanced in recent years that the use of grids has become simplified. The primary purpose of a grid in graphic design is to establish a set of guidelines for how the elements within a layout should be positioned.

Grids are a useful design tool – especially if they are used in a creative way. This design needs to look both appealing and simple. When done correctly, the elements of a page all align into place as the user scrolls down.

We can only wait and see how graphic artists will utilize grid layouts this coming year.

The Use of Storytelling

Storytelling has become an established way of giving users a great interactive experience. It doesn’t even have to be interactive in order to be useful. This trend will still be around for some time. Telling a story through your website may seem like a complex endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. With some planning, creativity, and a good designer, you should be able to tell an interesting story that will make visitors want to learn more.

Unique Elements

Over the past couple of years, websites have been looking more and more alike. They are designed with the user in mind, and most users want the same things. Despite this, however, differentiation is expected to play a role in the near future, as web designers are working on ways to offer user-friendly experiences in unique ways. Be on the lookout for tools and techniques that will allow you to offer the same features that users are familiar with, but in a way that makes your site look different from your competitors’ sites.

Custom-made Graphics

Many website owners have a mentality that using pre-made graphics is okay. While there be many designs and styles to choose from, it’s still better to have custom-made illustrations that are made specifically for your website. The free graphics and stock photos you can download off the internet tend to be of lesser quality. More and more webmasters are starting to realize that a personalized approach to images is the best choice.

Creative Hover States

To keep a website from looking too boring, some nice elements need to be added. Creative hover states are a popular trend that you can expect to see more of. They serve the purpose of helping users figure out which parts of a simplified layout are clickable. These interactions, however, are intended for desktop versions of websites.

These are just a few predictions of what we can expect in the web design industry in the next several months.