Prototyping Tools Every Web Designer Should Be Familiar With

When it comes to web design, there is usually the first draft of a design that is presented for review and testing before the actual development can take place. This first draft is referred to as prototype. There are various tools that are used to develop prototypes, and while a web designer may not be conversant with all of them, it is important to be familiar with some.

If you are a mobile app designer, this is the tool for you. Consisting of a dashboard, editor and player, this tool allows you to deploy mobile application prototypes that look and feel like the real thing. runs on most browsers and requires no coding.




This is the one-stop all-in-one tool for the developer who is interested in a design, prototyping and development tool. With Webflow, you can begin with a prototype and finish with the developed product without needing to bring in anything else. Everything you build with the help of Webflow is powered by HTML/CSS and JavaScript that is production ready.

Web Design Prototypic Tool



Lucidchart is a tool that allows you to build basic draft designs-also known as mockups and wireframes- of your website and mobile applications. It has a friendly user interface and is very interactive besides containing drag and drop functionalities. What this means is that if you are new to design you might want to start here.


InVision is a highly collaborate tool that will allow you to manage project screens from a single location besides conducting unlimited testing on your prototypes. InVision’s biggest selling point has got to be its ability to allow real-time collaboration and building of high-fidelity prototypes.




While InVision offers the above mentioned capabilities which come in-built, Pidoco on the other hand allows you to build what you want i.e. customize the platform to suit your needs. This means that you are able to build the templates you need, create interactive elements that will come in handy in your design and even present your prototype to other parties and obtain feedback. Don’t have specification requirements? No problem; Pidoco will allow you to generate a document for this.

Prototyping is easy with Pidoco



Let’s say you have a prototype that you wish to present to a team using a presentation program such as PowerPoint. What’s the easiest way to go about this? Well, simply, use PowerMockup. PowerMockup is essentially an add-on for PowerPoint that allows you to pick what you want from your design and drop these to a PowerPoint slide for a slide show. It’s very simple to use even for the amateur designer. Unfortunately, it might not have the advanced capabilities of the other tools mentioned before.

PowerMockup Tool



For a designer, having an idea of what the design’s UX will be like is always a challenge. It is much harder to put yourself in the perspective of the user when as a designer you know your design in and out. HotGloo allows you to adequately simulate the UX of your design and make necessary changes were challenges exist.



As you can see, some of these tools can be used together while others come as the all-in-one solution any designer needs.