Top Online Forums for the Savvy Web Designer

As a web designer, you might think you are good at what you do, but there’s probably someone who’s better at it. At the very least, there must be something you don’t know that you can learn from interacting with other designers. This is why it is necessary to join forums where you can glimpse new ideas and techniques through sharing and talking with designers from all over the world. These are the top forums where you should be right now:

Designer Hangout

If you are looking for a platform for UX designers where you can gain insights and hold fruitful discussions, then this is the platform for you. Not everybody gets to join this forum thought – there is vetting in place. But this is good news because it means you get to hold high quality discussions with high quality members.

Graphic Designer Hangouts


The good news about this forum is that you can learn new things, have discussions with other designers and at the same time get jobs.


Coffee Cup

Yes, this forum has its origins in an actual coffee shop. Fast forward to today and it is a helpful forum that teaches how to create better websites.


This forum comes subdivided into separate sections including site development, client side development and server side development. This allows you to work on whichever section you prefer, or move across sections in an organized manner depending on your current need.


Talk Graphics

Are you a graphic designer or 3D artist seeking like-minded people to learn and interact with? Well, this is the right platform for you, and the registration process is super easy as well.


Stack Overflow

This is one of the most popular forums for developers, and how it works is that people post questions and anyone with an answer can comment. However, you have to be careful to give correct answers as this is how you build your reputation in the forum.


Dear Designers

This is the right forum for anyone who is just starting out in the field of web development. In this forum, you will be ‘mentored’ by expert designers by asking questions and having them answer them for you. The registration process involves answering some questions.



As the name suggests, this is an online community that focuses on UI components and interactions. If you are into things bootstrap, this is definitely the forum for you.


Graphic Design Forums

You can join this forum whether you are at expert level or amateur level – it doesn’t matter. With a membership of over 18,000, this might be a good place to start if you are new to development. It is also a good place to glimpse new ideas if you have been in the field for a long time.



As a designer, you cannot exist in isolation. Seeing that a lot of your time is spent in front of a computer, you might forget to interact with other designers and as such lose touch. Thankfully, with online forums you do not even need to leave your home or office to pick up innovative tips and trends in the market.