Top Tips For B2B Web Design In 2016

Mississauga companies can expect 2016 to be an interesting year for business-to-business marketing and web design. Shifts in digital marketing will affect marketing efforts and web development for B2B firms. In summary, the shift is away from website design for its own sake. Today, it’s all about focusing on the end user and the customer service experience.

Many of the current trends in marketing automation, content marketing, and mobile optimization will continue to be popular.

Here are some other B2B marketing trends to keep an eye on:

Back To The Basics

A minimalist approach is a must, now as well as in the future. The number of B2B websites opting for simple designs is growing. In order to be successful, you need to be able to say more with less. Intricate designs are out. The entire web design process is about creating the type of navigation required to gain more leads. The experience should be more about the customer rather than the business itself.

Streamlined Navigation

2016 will be the year of streamlined navigation menus on business-to-business websites. Only the essentials should be featured on the top of the page, calling attention to no more than three links to service or product pages. This type of design typically doesn’t feature anything about the company itself in the main navigation. Any information about the company or products that aren’t been featured should be listed at the bottom of the site.

Storytelling Design

In 2015, storytelling through web design started to gain popularity. The trend is only expected to grow in 2016. Rather than having a complex B2B site with an all-inclusive navigation menu, web design will focus on taking the visitor on a journey. The content should be presented in a way that engages and visually interests the visitor, so that he or she is motivated to learn more about the product or service being offered. The storytelling trend focuses more on conversions marketing rather than content marketing.

Interactive Content

A modern website must be designed in a way that allows various types of content to be hosted and displayed. These types of content include infographics, videos, images, blog posts, webinars, whitepapers, etc. All of the media on a website should be interactive. Visitors should be able to engage with the data in interesting ways. You will want to provide creative visuals that engage visitors so that they can learn more about your B2B company and how your offer can benefit them. Ideally, the interactive features should lead users through the sales funnel quickly and smoothly.

Unified Message Across All Channels

A website isn’t something that can be built in a vacuum. It is the center piece of an entire puzzle that includes blogs, social media profiles, local business directories, emails, and so forth.  When creating or redesigning a website in 2016, it should be put together in a way that is consistent with your overall brand and message.  There should be no disconnect between your B2B site and social media profile – all interaction must reinforce your message and provide users with a seamless experience.