Understanding Flexible WordPress Themes

If you are a creative web designer, you already know how critical it is to have themes that can be easily customized to suit clients’ needs. As such, if you do decide to go with WordPress, it is key to have a flexible theme that will allow you to go as simple or as bold as the client demands.

Here’s why you need to choose a flexible WordPress theme:

Two clients have approached you separately, requiring your help to create different websites for their brands. Having a flexible theme allows you to produce two different sites from the same theme, without anyone ever telling that there could be similarities between the two. Whether it is incorporating the brand colors in the site, to doing away with certain grids, a flexible theme gives you enough room to wiggle about. Remember, no two clients want the same site, and you can bet that giving the same product to a client as you gave to their competitor will not earn you many recommendations.

As a designer, Uncode is probably the best WordPress theme you could ever choose for your designs. Regardless of how wild and creative you get with your ideas, Uncode has everything you need to implement them. These include:

– Advanced grid system: What this does is that it allows you to play around with the layout and push the limits.

– You have a choice of more than 30 homepage concepts that come with great flexibility.

– Adaptive Images: With this feature, your site will rescale graphic sizes based on the size of the screen of the device being used to access the site.

– You get to organize your content into manageable blocks using The Content Block.

– You also get the option of multiple menu layouts.

The Advanced Grid System

In web development, the grid system is a critical factor in the final output. Being able to customize your grids in relation to your content is crucial in ensuring a good user experience. And this is exactly what the advanced grid system of Uncode does for you. It allows you to customize columns in a boxed or full width format. You have the option of customizing up to 12 columns.

The Adaptive Image System

Nothing puts off users of a site more than finding that the site does not aptly respond to the device they are using. Given that more than 30% of all online traffic is mobile, there is every need to ensure that your clients’ users are getting the best experience when it comes to navigating graphics on their mobile devices.

During the first few months or even years of development, a designer might fall into a routine of using a particular theme because it is safe and gives the expected results. However, after some time, there is need to ensure that you grow and give yourself the opportunity to be creative and bold. This is when you should go for a flexible WordPress theme that will allow you to comfortably tailor make websites for your clients.