Web Design for Small Businesses

With today’s consumer preferring to meet their shopping needs online, it is becoming necessary for small businesses to find ways to connect with the online buyer. Having an interactive website is one of the best ways to capture and retain the online consumer. As a matter of fact, websites are increasingly replacing brick and mortar shops. Many small businesses have realized that it makes perfect economic sense to invest in a website as opposed to having a physical location that comes with additional overhead costs. As a web designer, or as the website owner, there are several critical considerations that come into play when designing the perfect website for a small business.

Contact Information

The first thing that should be considered is the location of contact details. When a potential customer visits a small business website, usually their main need is to find a way of getting in touch with the business, either to make an order or to consult. As such, the contact details need to be placed strategically on the website for best results in terms of conversion. In today’s fast paced world, not many people will spend a lot of time scouring a website in search of contact information; they will simply move on to the next website. The earlier you share your telephone number and email address with your customers, the better.

Graphics Is Important

Another crucial consideration when designing an optimized website for a business is visuals. Colorful banners and graphics will do more for your website than lengthy paragraphs. Keep the words at a minimum and let the graphics do the talking.

Feature Services

At the same time, do not forget to feature your services by including brief write-ups of what you offer. This could be as simple as a few bullet points of the services and products you offer. Stay clear and concise in your home page to avoid confusing your clients, and ensure you include a more detailed write-up of your offerings elsewhere in your website.

Dont’ Forget About Branding

Even before you launch your website, and way after it is live and receiving online traffic, it is important to ensure that you strengthen your brand name through initiatives such as marketing and advertising campaigns. Small businesses remain in the memories of past and potential consumers by their name, so make sure your brand stays powerful and memorable. In terms of making sure your brand stands out on your website, consider going bold and eccentric or keeping it minimalist as possible themes to feature around your brand name or logo.


When designing a website, it is important to consider what a typical visitor would be interested in and then create action links that enable them to do this. For instance, for a moving company, having links that enable one to ask for a moving quote is necessary. It is not important to make a website interactive, one must ensure this interaction is meaningful.

In summary, the best website is one which provides sufficient information without being overwhelming. It should also be pleasing to the eye, easy to navigate and interactive.