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How Much Traffic My Competitor’s Sites Get?

Use That Information To My Benefit

How Can I Find Out How Much Traffic My Competitor’s Sites Get, And How Can I Use That Information To My Benefit?

There’s no way to know exactly how much traffic your competitors’ sites get. The only way you would be able to know this is if a competitor had their log file statistics live for everyone to see which is highly unlikely. In fact, that is information that no one wants to share.

In-depth Look at a Site’s Audience

Think about everyone who would want to see their competitor’s site stats. The list is endless because we’d all like to know how many people are interested in our competitors so that we can have a leg up on the competition. Obviously that’s not how it works and if you want to get an idea of the traffic that your competitor gets you’ll need to use a site dedicated to comparing this type of data.

Sites like give you the most in-depth look at a site’s audience that you will find available. Their stats include geographic and lifestyle information, detailed demographics and a look at a site’s mobile audience. is another site that gives you tools that help you focus on your ideal customer base. They take raw data and turn it into insights that give you detailed data on audiences, industries and trends.

Not only do sites like and give estimates of site visits they also give estimates of page views, the number of people that have visited the site and the number of unique hits that the site received. They also gives statistics on age groups and their average incomes.

Knowing information like this could be very beneficial to your business. As a competitor, knowing the demographics of the people who are customers of other companies will help you identify who you need to be targeting. Should you be targeting middle-aged men or college age women? Should you try to appeal more to domestic customers or international customers? These questions and many more can be answered by looking at your competitor’s average customer.

What specifically can you do to use this information to your benefit? The first step is getting to know your customer, their lifestyle, their likes, then needs and their wants. The more you know about the customer base that you’re catering to, the better you’ll be able to serve it. Knowing about your customer’s lifestyle not only gives you an insight into who they are, it also tells you what products and services they would likely be interested in. Taking this information and using it to broaden what your company offers will help you cater directly to these customers and the customers of your competitors.

To find these customers you can utilize all of your SEO tools. Use research tools to determine which keywords and keyword phrases apply to your competitor’s customer needs. Choose blog post topics that cover interests that your customer has. Invest in pay per click ads that put your name at the top searches. Use the power of social media to grow your own social platform and get your brand in front of the right people so that you can become more and more recognizable.

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