At Nova Solutions, we focus on maintaining the highest level of expertise amongst our team and providing the highest level of service to our clients. And while our motivation is to help our clients achieve SEO success and improve their bottom line rather than receiving accolades from third parties, it is still really nice when we get that kind of recognition.

Recently, the team at Nova Solutions was extremely honoured to be recognized as one of the top SEO firms in Canada, by Clutch – an independent B2B firm which analyses companies in a variety of sectors and ranks them based on the results that they get for their clients.

We are pleased to announce that Nova Solutions was in the top ten. In fact, out of all the companies that Clutch ranked, Nova scored an impressive 6th place in the entire country, even outranking several SEO companies that charge higher fees for their services.

That’s the kind of list we are proud to be on – because it demonstrates that we get results for our clients.

So what does it take to be among the best in the country?

– A great team – The team at Nova Solutions consists of programmers, designers, writers, video production experts and digital marketing wizards. And part of what makes them great is their commitment to excellence and willingness to never stop learning. Trends in SEO are always changing, so it’s necessary to have a sharp group of individuals always striving to stay on the cutting edge.

– Genuine care for our customers – At Nova Solutions we believe that our customers are the best! And they deserve the best. Companies engage in SEO ultimately for one main reason – and that is to make their business better. That’s why we only recommend digital marketing strategies that we believe will ultimately help to improve our clients’ bottom lines.

– Long lasting relationships – Setting up a website and then leaving a client to fend for him or herself is not something we like to do here at Nova. That’s because we know that SEO is an ongoing process. Algorithms, and internet user behaviour are constantly changing so companies that want to get and keep a decent page ranking must change with them. At Nova Solutions, we have clients that have been with us for years. We are regularly providing them with updated PPC and remarketing campaigns, and providing new content for their blogs and websites. And those clients stay with us for one simple reason – what we do works.

– A multi-disciplined approach – It’s no longer enough for a company to have a great website – because chances are, their competitors have great websites too. To have success in the digital marketing world today companies must also have superior social media, PPC, high quality video and written content and a whole host of other tricks up their sleeves. Nova Solutions is a one stop shop for companies looking to take their digital marketing to the next level.

Here at Nova, we are over the moon about the recognition that we have received from Clutch. And we will use this achievement as inspiration and motivation to continue serving our clients to the very best of our ability – to provide SEO services that get results.

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