Case Study – Stacey R. Ball SEO Campaign

Stacey R. Ball

Ball Professional Corporation – Employment Lawyer in Toronto

Toronto is over-saturated with law firms of different sizes, competition is very high and it is quite hard to rank for main keywords on Google. Stacey Ball came to Nova Solutions in January 2019. At that moment we identified 3 main issues – poor website conversions, poor ranking in organic search, and poor ranking on the map.

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Client Overview

Ball Professional Corporation is a Toronto-based law firm specializing in employment and labour law. The law firm was founded by Stacey Ball, a leader in the Canadian employment and labour law. Mr.Ball is the renowned writer of Canadian Employment Law, the definitive and authoritative text in employment and labour law. He was formally a law professor at the University Of Ontario Faculty Of Law and the Osgoode Hall Law School.

The law firm offers legal services to both employers and employees. Services to employers include Employment Contracts, Unions & Labour Law, human rights, litigation and defence, and small business law. Services to employees include just cause for dismissal, severance packages and pay, job offer review, WSIB and workplace disability, workplace bullying, union issues and conflicts, and employment litigation.

Technical SEO

The struggle is real when it comes to ranking high in SERPs. As at August 2019, The Law Society of Ontario, which is the body mandated with ensuring high standards of learning, professional conduct, and competence of Ontario’s lawyers and paralegals, had over 52,000 lawyer licensees, most practicing in Toronto. When Stacey Ball came to Nova Solutions, we did an audit of the website and identified several issues that needed immediate action.

1. Keyword Optimization

The first thing we noticed at Nova Solutions was that the content was not keyword optimized. Using our keyword tools, we researched, analyzed, and selected the best keywords and keyword phrases that we then incorporated organically in the content. Keyword optimization is not only an important ranking factor, but it will also help clients find Stacey Ball.

2. Content Optimization

The website did not have relevant, well-optimized content in its pages. It had some content on its main service pages, but not on its blog and other pages. The content was not long enough, which meant visitors were not engaged. We were able to create engaging content with compelling calls to action, including quality images that represent the law firm appropriately.

3. User-Friendly Site

Our team found that the website was not user-friendly. Some buttons were not working, some CSS elements were broken, some fonts were not legible, the navigation was not intuitive, and the site layout did not promote interaction. At Nova Solutions, we understand that clients need to be engaged if they are to convert to leads. We, therefore, ensured that the website design has client interaction in mind.

4. Responsive/Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Stacey Ball’s website was not rendering well on mobile devices, leading to low mobile ranking. The Nova Solutions team re-worked the website to make it responsive, which involves presenting the same webpage that the laptop or desktop computer user sees to the mobile audience. To achieve this, only CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are different.

5. H Tags

We then created H Tags for the website. It is important for Google to pick up H tags to categorize info on-page. H1’s, H2’s, and other headers are important pieces of HTML code that not only allow for greater user experience by making certain words stand out on the page, but that are also an important ranking factor. We implemented H Tags by adding H1s to every page, by ensuring that the H1 tags were unique, and by inserting keywords relevant to the respective pages in the headers.

6. Image Optimization

The website had some images of Stacey Ball and the rest of the team, but they were not optimized. Human beings are visual creatures and the right image helps drive the point home. We helped pick the right pictures, save them in a filename featuring the focused keyphrase, used WebP, JPEG, and PNG for the images (depending on the size and the application), and used SVG for logos and icons. We ensured that the imageS were responsive by deploying the srcset attribute, used alt tag, and added the images in the XML sitemaps.

7. CTA

A good call-to-action (CTA) directs the reader to where you want him to go and helps avoid confusion. This was missing on the website. The Nova Solutions team implemented different CTAs in the form of contact buttons and contact forms throughout the content, including “Contact Stacey R. Ball”, “Book Store” to be directed where you can buy his book and “Request an Appointment”.

8. Menu on Scroll

We included the menu on scroll to improve user experience. This allows for easier navigation on the website for a higher conversion rate.

9.Site Speed Optimization

Site loading speed is not only important for improved ranking, but it also leads to improved user experience. Stacey Ball’s website was slow. We were able to achieve optimum loading speed by getting rid of Oversized Images, removing ads, removing outdated WordPress widgets, avoiding un-optimized plugins and apps, and removing dense and inefficient CSS and HTML.

Google Maps Listing Optimization

Stacey Ball - Google Map Optimization

Other than redesigning the website and optimizing it for search engines, we also worked on its Google Map listing. We created and optimized the listing by updating contact info with the proper NAP (business name, address, and phone number), website address, opening hours, categories, photos, services, and business description. A Google Map listing helps people pin-point your location on Google Maps. With the exponential rise of smartphone use, this is now the main way people are finding businesses.

The Nova Solutions team also improved Stacey Ball’s existing citations and created new ones on different online directories like Yelp, GMB, Facebook, and Yellow Pages as well as local directories. Citations are mentions of a business name, address, and phone number on the Internet and they help build trust in a business.

Paid Advertising

Stacey Ball PPC

To improve Stacey Ball’s conversion rates, we worked towards ensuring he only got relevant traffic (his site was getting a lot of irrelevant traffic). In the PPC campaigns , we optimized the keyword list by making it less broad and more targeted, by optimizing location targeting, using a suitable binding strategy, and creating great Ad copy.

This led to a dramatic increase in conversion rates. As of July 2019, the website had a 160% greater conversion rate compared to January 2019. The CTR was 1.14% higher over the period and the cost of conversion had dropped by 9.4%.

Off-Page Strategy

Finally, we embarked on an off-page website optimization strategy to complement the on-page strategies for improved site visibility. This involved devising strategies to increase the number of custom links to the company’s website from relevant legal sources like, LawyerLocate, and Top Toronto Lawyer, among others.

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