Important SEO and Internet Marketing Strategy Elements for Law Firms


At Nova Solutions, we understand how your business marketing strategy passes on a crucial message to your audience that makes them regard you as an authority in the field and a quality service provider. Every marketing strategy set in motion for your business should be well throughout, backed by quality research and directed by quantifiable goals especially in the field of law.

The Internet is one of the best resource for business marketing available today with a wide reach to relevant audiences within a short time. We have developed SEO and Internet marketing strategies that boost quality traffic, generate leads, create brand awareness and authority to take your law firm to the next level of business. There are plenty of law firms today and accessible through the Internet, the question you marketing strategy should aim to answer is why the client should pick yours and not any other.

Strategy Development

You probably already have a website, blogs or social media accounts where you regularly post information about your law firm. A good start; but arbitrary posting of information online can hurt your end goal, which is to show your target audience that you are not only a great company but also a reliable and credible source of information that they can trust. We can develop a marketing strategy, particularly targeting SEO and online marketing to inform every bit of communication that goes online on behalf of your company. At Nova Solutions, our Internet Marketing and SEO strategy for lawyers and law firms covers the following areas:

  • Content Generation

  • Traffic Generation

  • Website Optimization

Traffic Generation

One of the main aims of executing a sales and marketing strategy through online platforms is to attract more clients, promote the firm and provide a means of access to the website and firm’s information. Remember, organic traffic is likely to have better leads in terms of conversion rates of site visitors into customers than any other kind of traffic. We can help attract more traffic to your business website in various ways.

  • On-Page search engine optimization refers to the content in your site as well as the design and layout of the website. Great content delivered in a way that is easily accessible to the internet user through an easily navigable web page is key.

  • Off-Page search engine optimization is all about building quality links back to your site from relevant sources of information. You can do this by submitting content to other blogs, reputable publications and periodicals, community forums, business listings among others.

  • Blogging helps with search engines by giving them more relevant pages to index. A blog will also give you more opportunities to get links to the website and establish you or your firm as an expert in the field of law. Great blogs increase your credibility as your audiences start relying on your blog as a factual and authoritative source of information about legal matters.

  • Videography is a more interesting way of delivering content out of the usual blogs or publications.

Other than organic search, we can also increase your website popularity through paid search. Paid search can complement your organic SEO efforts but we have to be extremely careful as you may end up paying for huge numbers of traffic that does not convert to actual customers. In order to drive numbers and increase the conversion rate we use paid search strategies such as pay-per-click advertising, re-marketing, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads and YouTube Marketing.

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Quality Content Development

With the current standards for search engine algorithms and user experience requirements, search engine optimization is more about quality of content and not quantity as was the case previously. Rolling out hundreds of articles and posts every week that do not address your audience’s interests or needs will not do any good for your strategy or place you as a voice of authority within the industry. Content marketing is not a new concept but it is more important now than it has ever been before as it is at the forefront of all your digital marketing strategies. We can help develop relevant content that can reap big rewards for your marketing strategy.

When it comes to content generation, we do not use a one-size-fits all approach. Our focus is on rolling out unique, high quality and authentic content that captures the audience’s attention, covers their areas of interest and gives them new information that sets you apart from other lawyers and law firms. Content here not referring to just text but also videos, images, infographics, webinars and podcasts among other content medium. We always ensure that the content is shareable.

High quality content will help our SEO efforts through creating an avenue for linking and naturally placed keywords that increase organic search engine ranking. Higher search engine ranking will expose your brand to more consumers through relevant search terms and keywords. Consistency in the quality of information published online also creates authority and the opportunity to build even better links.

Website Optimization

This is an area of concern in SEO and Internet marketing that deserves a whole lot more attention than it has been given in the past. While working on increasing the traffic to your website, building links and churning out great content, we always keep in mind that our goal of acquiring new clients will greatly depend on the user’s experience at your website. It takes the average Internet user about 4-5 seconds to decide whether to stay on a website meaning you have a very small window of opportunity to convince the user to stay on your page. To ensure that you do not lose your traffic, we need to optimize your website for a great user experience.

With the advent of mobile devices, many people are accessing the Internet through mobile search. Therefore making your website mobile friendly (responsive website design) is not negotiable. Your audiences should be able to comfortably navigate your website through any mobile device. Site speed is also another important area of optimization for user experience; no one wants to sit around and wait for your website to load. Ensure you website has important content that is easy to access and optimize your conversions by including call to action buttons.

At Nova Solutions, every client case deserves a customized approach in order to develop a strategy that works. Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization is a field that constantly changes with regular updates and changes in user requirements. Our consistency in the industry and working with a variety of clients has enabled us to keep up with all the latest trends in order to keep us achieving the goals we set out to.

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