5 Easy to Implement Law Firm Marketing Tips With Proven Results

Law Firm Digital Marketing Strategies

Lawyer Marketing Tips

Are you still using old fashioned strategies to market your law firm online? It’s high time you review the digital marketing strategies you’re implementing for your law firm. We’ll share with you some law firm marketing tips and suggestions to expand your business on the web.


Invest in proper landing pages

The landing pages on your law firm website should capture every visitor’s attention. It’s time to update your website with fresh content like case studies and client testimonials. When potential clients read about what you’ve done for other customers, they’ll want to hire you. Keep all articles and blogs on your law firm website fresh and interesting. Remember, you only have 10 to 20 seconds to capture the web visitor’s attention. So make the most of it with catchy content.

Provide accurate information

You’d be surprised at the number of law firm websites that have information that is misleading to customers. For instance, the contact information on your listing may be incorrect or the location details are yet to be updated. Imagine how many customers you can lose if you don’t correct this information? Spend some time reviewing your contact details and any other information about your law firm on the site. Make sure it’s all up to date.


Use the blog on your website to show customers the human side of your law firm. When posting blog content, remember that relevance and quality are very important. Don’t just throw articles on the blog for SEO purposes without thinking if it helps the reader. Put information that would set you apart from the competition. You can even showcase your expertise in certain areas of law by publishing content that is in line with trendy topics and news. When looking for blog titles, consider answering clients’ problems. Most importantly, blog as often as you can to show potential clients that you take time to maintain your website.

Invest in a quality law firm website

One of the most important law firm marketing strategies is centered on good website design. Organize your website well so that it communicates to your potential customers. Don’t put too much information that is irrelevant. Make sure information such as the services you offer is easily accessible by your potential customers. Make the website look professional because it will give every visitor a vote of confidence in your law firm.

Use Google Analytics to better understand your customers and prospects

Google Analytics is a powerful tool if you want to get information that helps you to target the right market. For instance, you can know where most of your customers are coming from and spend more time on those platforms. If your customers are connecting with the law firm on Facebook and Twitter then you may want to spend more time posting and encouraging reviews on your social media pages. Look at key metrics like conversion rates, platforms with the highest bounce rate and time spent on each page on your law firm website to help you make marketing decisions.

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