6 Myths About Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO Myths

Conversion Rate Optimization

Some marketing practices are cut and dried. They follow a formula and A+B always equals C. The truth is a little more complex.Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO doesn’t fall into that category. It’s frequently misunderstood to be a sort of silver bullet, but it’s not that simple.On the other side of the coin, CRO can be viewed as an expense that isn’t worth the trouble. The truth is a little more complex.Some of the misconceptions don’t matter and they won’t have an ill effect on the efficacy of your web site. Others have a larger impact and can be financially harmful.


Let’s take a look at the myths that can hurt your bottom line.

CRO Is A Solitary Skill Set

Nobody has a “CRO guy.” Conversion rate optimization isn’t a single skill but rather a wide range of practices. There are other helpful skills to have but these three should definitely be a part of your arsenal:

> Copywriting

> Design

> Data Analysis

If your firm has a specialty, incorporate it as much as you can to amp up your search engine rankings.

There Are “Best Practices” To Follow

The term “best practice” implies a one-size-fits-all solution, which isn’t the case with CRO. There’s no checklist that you can tick off and end up with optimized conversion rates. You have to determine what will work for your customers and your website. Do your own research to see what is appealing to your audience and use that data to inform your choices. You’ll have a much better outcome than just blindly following an arbitrary list of best practices.

Case Studies Are Gospel

The truth is, they can be terribly misleading. They don’t usually give you all the facts like how the test was performed, how long the test lasted, and if there were other factors involved. The purpose of case studies should be to gain insight and not to replicate exactly. Instead of bothering with small elements and expecting big changes, go for a radical change in color, design, and layout.

If The Copy Is Too Long, No One Will Read It

What tends to be ignored is that many people assume that lengthier copy has more value. If your copy is giving the reader information that’s relevant and that they need, you can rest assured they’ll read it all.

The Make-Up Of Your Audience Doesn’t Matter

If your aim is to convert the traffic on your web site to actual clients, you have to understand where they’re coming from. You have to find out what they’re looking for and what it will take to successfully meet their needs.

CRO Is All You Need

Of course, conversion will increase your revenue. But it isn’t the only factor to consider. You should also be working on creating your personal brand, attracting traffic, and drawing clients back to your site. The key is to have all these different elements, including SEO and CRO, working together.

Conversion rate optimization will certainly have a positive effect, but remember to use the data that you gather as opposed to relying on myths and misconceptions.

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