6 Refreshing Legal Marketing Strategies Every Law Firm Needs To Adapt

Legal Marketing Strategies

Few Ideas that may be Beneficial to your Law Firm

As an attorney, you shouldn’t lose track of marketing strategies that can grow your practice. Let’s look at a few ideas that may be beneficial to your law firm or personal brand:


Exhaust All Referral Sources

Referrals will still contribute to 80% of the business that your law firm receives. So it’s important to maximize all your referral sources. Don’t start asking your customers out rightly to refer the people they know since you may sound desperate. Consider legal ethics as well and don’t offer any monetary benefits for referrals. Network with other lawyers in your area who may not offer the same area of specialization as you do; they’re likely to recommend some of their clients. Always offer an excellent legal service, great customer care and respect for your customers and they won’t mind referring you to people in their circles.

Work Smarter

As an attorney, you don’t have to serve every client. It’s ok if you turn down some other clients especially if you feel that your legal reputation is likely to be on the line. Focus on maintaining a good reputation as opposed to maximizing profits because this will improve your bottom line in the long run. Always devote sometime to market yourself or your law firm.


The same way you would expect your colleagues to refer clients to you, you also need to go through your client list and look for a few people you can refer to the lawyers in your circles. Work together to solidify the relationship and trust. You never know how what kind of help your colleague may offer you some day.

Delegate Staff

You need to focus on your clients and the only way you can do this is to delegate some of the work. Trust your staff to handle different areas of your practice well. Train them in areas that you think they may need help and this will give you ample time to concentrate on your clients. You can also hire professionals to do the marketing for your law company.

Learn New Marketing Trends

It’s important to know what other law firms are doing to remain ahead in the industry. Don’t be left behind when it comes to law firm marketing techniques. Take time to share information with your clients and update your client list often. You can even sign up for classes on marketing training throughout the year; you will receive great insights to promote yourself and your law firm.

Business Cards

Business cards may seem like an old-fashioned way to promote yourself or your brand but they are very effective. A business card summarizes your brand or law firm and gives every prospective client all the information they need to know about your law firm and its services. Invest in well-designed business cards that strike a statement to prospective clients.

Most importantly, remain focused when it comes to developing your practice. Review any marketing plans you have often to ensure you stay ahead of your competition.

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