7 Tips For Using Social Media For Law Firms

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Boost Your Law Firm Business Online

Can social media deliver any value for a law firm? Certainly yes! Developing a social media campaign can be time consuming and require a lot of effort. The good thing is that, social media can help you to boost your law firm business online in ways you never imagined possible. We will share with you a few tips to make social media for law firms very effective.


Use Social Media To Build Trust

Social media can be a very powerful tool if you want to build trust. A single positive review can generate high conversions for your law firm. You can also share insights and knowledge on your social media page. Once people perceive your law firm as an expert in a certain area, they will seek your services and even recommend you to others. There are different ways to build trust such as sharing quality content, inviting customers to post reviews and taking part in ongoing conversations in the legal industry.

You also need to carry a consistent brand identity across all social platforms. Let any information that is displayed on your social media pages be a reflection of the values of your law firm. Keep responses and posts as professional as possible. People will judge your law firm by the image you present even on social media pages. It is going to be considered as one of your properties just as the website and all other resources.

Generate Leads And Turn Them Into Conversations

You can have 10,000 followers on your Twitter page but keep in mind that these are only leads. You need to find a way to generate conversions on your social pages. You may have to invest in paid advertising to attract more targeted customers. Post promotional content that speaks to your prospects. Conversational videos and blog posts like case studies can generate interest among your target customers. You just need to post the right content to turn your followers into paying customers.

Always Make A Great Impression

When responding to client questions on social media, remember that anyone can see your comment. Respond in the same manner you would when speaking to a customer one on one or through a call/email. Be very careful when engaging with clients online. Do not ignore comments and posts on your social media pages. People need to feel like they got a good customer experience even before they email or call you.

Give It Time

Like most SEO strategies, using social media to market your law firm requires you to put a lot of time and effort in the long term. Don’t give up too easily when you don’t receive any referrals or requests on your social pages. Take time to grow your page, increase the number of reviews and post more consistently. Let people interact with your brand. Help users by answering certain questions even if they will not lead to immediate conversions. Spend money on proper advertising to increase visibility of your page and promote your services. Most importantly, use social media as a tool to show prospects and customers the human side of your law firm.

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