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For business law firm competing for clients in Toronto and the GTA, digital marketing is essential for survival. Expanding an existing client base requires a strong digital presence that raises awareness of a company’s profile, their services offered, and their areas of expertise.

The question most businesses ask themselves when they look to increase their competitive edge in the digital marketplace is: How do we get more internet traffic from a field of crowded search results, with new competitors cropping up every day? There’s only one answer – Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


By employing advanced SEO techniques, Nova Solutions was able to successfully increase website traffic for the Toronto business law firm Holmberg Watson by 64% in just a few months, with the added bonus of a top 10 search results ranking for over 20 keywords in the Toronto law firm digital marketing space.

This case study features Nova Solutions and their work with Holmberg Watson and will demonstrate how their unique and tested approach to digital marketing and SEO can work for businesses of all kinds in Toronto and the GTA.

In a market crowded with law firms constantly looking to add to their client base, Holmberg Watson was looking for a competitive advantage that would bring more awareness to their services and expertise in Toronto business law. In short, the firm wanted more organic search traffic to their website.

With a company profile featuring years of experience in a wide variety of business law services, Holmberg Watson was confident that if they could only get potential clients to visit their website, they would successfully gain their business.

Their main concern was that, as of June 2017, they were not ranking well enough in search engines for keywords relevant to Toronto business law, and their website needed a lot of work to fix broken links and missing pages.

The Nova Solutions Approach

Nova Solutions was able to help Holmberg Watson with their digital marketing goals by identifying core areas where they could improve.

First, a digital marketing audit of their website search rankings and organic traffic in June 2017 revealed that Holmberg Watson was losing business to their competitors due to poor rankings in Google search results.

Generally, the Holmberg Watson website was not ranking well for relevant keywords. Their web pages did not show up in the top 100 SERPs (search engine result pages). Additionally, the site had serious structural issues that affected their SEO and ranking. There were broken links, missing pages and duplicate pages that significantly compromised the site’s rankings.

Nova Solutions did thorough keyword research for Holmberg Watson in order to determine which search engine keywords were essential to digital marketing for law firms in Toronto. As always, the Nova Solutions approach to digital marketing for law firms centred around one key question: Which terms and phrases bring the right kind of visitor to the website?

Nova Solutions only selects a list of keywords that are relevant to the content on their client’s website. This is done to ensure that the potential customers find what they are looking for on the website, which keeps the bounce rate low and click-through rates high.

URL Optimization

One of the key issues Nova Solutions noticed on the Holmberg Watson website was that the URLs were not well-optimized for search engines. As such, they made the URLs search-engine friendly by making simple changes like adding important keywords.

The implementation of well-crafted URLs means that users will always have a clear idea of what they’ll see if they visit the page and these URLs better describe the page to search engines, therefore contributing to higher rankings.

Content Optimization – Legal Content Writing

Law firms need a strong, well-optimized website with relevant content not only on their main service pages, but also on their blog and other core pages. The existing content for Holmberg Watson was determined to be too short and also poorly optimized for SEO.

Nova Solutions developed new content and expanded existing content for the firm’s pages, including adding relevant keywords (without stuffing) and creating internal links on the pages to keep visitors engaged. Nova Solutions also ensured that the website content had compelling calls to action to get more clients to contact the law firm about its services.

Another key factor is selection of quality images for a given industry to represent the business in an appropriate manner. Displaying the staff and perhaps facilities is often a good choice to improve the response on the website.


Google Maps Listing Optimization

Google listings are critical for strong local SEO results. Nova Solutions made sure the client, Holmberg Watson, was properly represented on Google local listings by updating his Google My Business profile to achieve local results in Toronto and the GTA. Having consistent information on all of the different business directories is an indicator of business quality, credibility and authenticity for search engines. The importance of gathering positive reviews from past clients to build a strong online reputation based on client satisfaction was also addressed.


Technical SEO

There are a number of factors effecting the performance of a website in relation to search engine rankings. While the content marketing team and design specialists work on optimising the look and content of the website, it is up to the developers to optimize the website in relation to technical guidelines such as mobile friendliness, loading speed of content along with other SEO specific guidelines.

Such factors often effect indicators like bounce rate and conversion rate of a given website.

Paid Ads

The PPC team at Nova, was able to take the existing Google AdWords Campaign and through optimization reduce the cost per click and Click Through Ratio of the campaign. The click through rate increased by 54.33% and the cost per click went down to 29.47%. Nova Solutions also paused campaigns that were not performing well and focused more on phrases that brought in desirable inquiries.

The Results

After performing advanced digital marketing audit, and executing all of the core changes mentioned above, Nova Solutions was able to create an impressive increase in website traffic to by 64%, as seen in the graph below. The law firm’s web pages are also now ranking in the top 10 search results for over 20 keywords, with their digital presence now stronger than ever.


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