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Quality Content is Key to Google Rankings

Content Marketing for Lawyers

The head of web spam team at Google is known for his famous quote “Quality content is key to Google rankings”. With that being said, you need to understand the meaning of “quality” when it comes to content marketing for lawyers. Consumers are spending a great deal of time searching for legal information online. They will look for solutions to their problems, legal experts who can represent them and reviews of law firms/attorneys they are considering. As a law firm, you need to provide this information in order to convert these web visitors into customers and even make them refer others.


How To Generate “Quality” Content

As people look for information online, you need to provide quality content in order to put your law firm on the lead. Content includes blog posts, videos, podcasts, emails, newsletters and other pieces of information that you can publish on your website for users. Great content is one that is:

Useful: Avoid going around in circles repeating ideas and lacking valuable information. Information that is useful will be shared widely and generate conversations that revolve around your brand. Additionally, search engine spiders favor useful content and rank it high on SERPs giving it a wider audience.

Consistent: Content needs to be produced often to create a frequent flow of visitors to your law firm website. People will always come to your website expecting fresh information so make sure you publish it often. If you promise to deliver new content, people will have something to look forward to whenever they visit your site. Fresh content makes your web pages dynamic and is good for search engine rankings.

Credible: Content can help your law firm to be seen as an expert in your field. This will help you to gain trust among your customers and prospects and eventually generate more conversions.

How To Come Up With Content Ideas

Generating fresh, unique and engaging content every other day is not an easy task. But there are numerous ways your law firm can keep posting great content with little effort. Here are a few ideas.

Repurpose old content: Use the content you already have on your blog to create infographics, slide shows or short video clips and share them on social media and other platforms. You can even pick several related articles and create an eBook which users can download

Get ideas from trendy topics: Look for trending topics in the legal industry and create content based on the issue of discussion. You can do a review of the topic and publish it on your site or a press release article.

Get user generated content: Ask your customers to write reviews or comment on your website to help build credibility and trust in your law firm.
Interview an expert: You can publish an interview on your law firm website. Target renowned attorneys or other specialists in the legal industry and ask them their opinion on certain matters.

Resources like case studies: Provide your website visitors with important resources like publishing case studies on your website.

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