DIY Marketing: 10 Ways To Market A Law Firm Without Breaking Your Budget

Effective Marketing Tips for Law Firms

Without Breaking Your Budget

As a lawyer, you need to use every marketing tool available to boost your law firm while maintaining a reasonable budget. Not all law firms have the budget to spend on costly marketing techniques. That’s why we’ve narrowed down to some 10 cost effective marketing tips for law firms below:


1. Regular Blogging

Consider writing blog posts that are relevant and interesting to the average person and posting them on your law firm website. Cover common issues such as how to file for bankruptcy or protecting your property from creditors.

2. Don’t Wait For Christmas

Remember your customers on local holidays and not just the major ones like Christmas and Easter. In fact, your card is likely to be lost among the many others sent during the more popular holidays.

3. Network

Take advantage of every networking opportunity in your area and don’t forget to give out your business card and also collect some from the attendees you meet. Use the cards to gather emails or contacts that you can use to connect with those people in a few days.

4. Be Active On Social Media

Social media is still a powerful marketing tool even for lawyers. Take advantage of different social media platforms to post your services and interact with clients. Provide helpful resources on social media where clients can share and give your law firm more visibility.

5. Interact With Other Attorneys

You may want to connect with attorneys who do not practice the same area of law because they can be great referral sources. It’s one of the easiest ways to get referrals.

6. Contribute In Speaking Engagements

Consider offering your services as a speaker at a local event. Public speaking can take many forms so think of attending an event where you can offer valuable legal information and get a chance to market yourself and your law firm.

7. Become A Member Of Professional Groups

Look out for professional organizations in your area that you can join and network. Not only will you gain knowledge in a certain area of law but also get referrals especially if you become an active participant. Search for local, state or international organizations that you can join and understand the benefits of becoming a member.

8. Volunteer At A Community College

Your local community college may have a spot for volunteers. Consider teaching and speaking to people who are attending different seminars in the college to market yourself and your law firm. Any materials printed before the seminar will have your details and this gives you an opportunity to be known.

9. Give Back

Always give back to the community where your law firm operates; it may open up countless opportunities for you. Whether it’s helping the elderly, cleaning up the park or any other community work, it gives you a chance to discuss what you do for a living and you never know who you’ll meet.

10. Contribute To Trending Stories

Check out what’s currently trending in the legal field in your local area and offer the local news or media outlets answers to their questions.

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