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Need To Be Regulated?

Algorithms are simply designed to give search results based on the users’ history. They are designed to know what exactly a user wants to see when they enter information on the search box or check their timeline. Online marketers burn the midnight oil trying to figure out how these search algorithms work. Experts are now coming up questioning how trustworthy these systems are. Some even suggest that the government needs to regulate algorithms used by Google and Facebook.


Why Is Some Level Of Discretion Necessary?

Whenever Google updates its algorithms it announces some of the changes made and advices website owners on a few areas that they need to improve on. For instance, Google algorithm was once updated and website owners were advised to invest in mobile friendly websites and avoid content duplication. However, Google doesn’t disclose the minor tweaks that they made to their algorithms.

This level of discretion is important because businesses can use the knowledge of how algorithms work to manipulate search engines so that they appear first on SERP. This will not be in the best interest of the user. So no one really knows what the Google algorithms do behind the scenes. There are just too many aspects of a website that search engine algorithms analyze to determine where it will rank for certain search terms.

According to a member of parliament in the UK, Chi Onwurah, these popular online platforms are making massive profits because of the way they have structured their algorithms. The MP points out that Google and Facebook should be transparent in the way they have made their algorithms and be regulated so that they do not control what businesses people are seeing online. He argues that Facebook and Google are not under any regulation when it comes to setting up their algorithms and they may favor certain businesses or companies. The member of parliament claims that the same way businesses and companies are regulated with labor laws and statutes Facebook and Google also need to be regulated when it comes to setting their algorithms.

Biggest Challenge When Considering Regulation Of Google And Facebook

Google and Facebook algorithms cannot be regulated in a particular region because these platforms have an international reach. For instance, the laws that may apply to the UK or Canada may not be passed in the US. Advertising websites that are based outside of the US are not bound by American laws. However, Mr Onwurah is set to publish a consultation paper in 2017 which is going to request different stakeholders for ideas on regulating search engine algorithms and how it can be effectively implemented.

How To Grow Your Law Firm Website

Regardless of the lack of transparency in search engine algorithms, business that invest in proper online marketing can rank high on SERP and expand their customer base. Implementing SEO techniques that are proven to be effective in the long run always works. Consider working with an online marketing firm to advice on how to take your practice to a whole new level.

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