Effective Use of Search Engine Optimization for Your Law Firm

Today’s SEO isn’t the same as yesterday’s SEO.

Effective Use of Search Engine Optimization for Your Law Firm

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Techniques That Work


Today’s SEO isn’t the same as yesterday’s SEO. There’s more involved than just adding more keywords and content.


Keeping up with the newest trends in search engine optimization is a crucial component in your quest to have a website that’s converting traffic to clientele.


Let’s take a look at some modern marketing methods that are cutting-edge for today’s law firms SEO in Toronto.


Time On Site And Bounce Rate

Time-On-Site And Bounce Rate


Both of these components have an impact on the effectiveness of your site. You want to provide content that will keep traffic on your page as long as possible, ideally until they make a choice to work with you.


Time-on-site can be an indication of the level of interest of prospective clients. Increasing the time that is spent on the site is correlated to how likely someone is to choose your services.


Bounce rate is an indicator of how many people visit your website and move on after only looking at one page. A high bounce rate can signal a need for more valuable and relevant content.





Randomly throwing keywords into your content isn’t an effective method. It’s important that the keywords are not overused, that they are strategically placed, and that you are using variations.


It is a good idea to check what keywords your competitors are ranking for, what is each keyword VS (volume of searches) in your area and how useful each specific keyword is for your business. All these factors matter if your are planing to rank high organically.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media


How can social media benefit your law firm marketing campaign in Toronto? Love it or hate it, today’s consumers are entrenched in social media. Having a Facebook, a Twitter account or a Google+ account for your firm will improve your search engine rankings and will do far more to get your brand out there. 


Content Length

Length Of Content


While it has long been assumed that the shorter and more concise content is, the more likely it is to be of interest and convert traffic to clients, just the opposite is true. Longer content that contains relevant information that is valuable to prospective customers converts better.


In most cases it is recommended to have at least 500 words of content per page with not more than 1-2 keywords.

Video Marketing

Video And Podcasts


Today’s SEO is all about getting your content out there in as many ways as possible with the goal being to drive traffic to your website. One of the biggest reasons that video and podcasts are ideal for embedding in your website is that it sets you up as an authority in your field. It also helps you to build an audience and provides a segway to engage with them.

Link Building



There are different types of backlinks including sponsored articles, profile submissions from the websites with a high PR scores and do-follow links attributes, it’s one of the techniques used to increase an authority of  law firm website by backlinks building strategy.

But there is a trick! While doing the backlinks from profile/portfolio websites has a major advantage over the blog networks links as Google doesn’t look bad at websites built as a profile websites vs. blogs which overtime has a negative in/out linking ratio, so if we build more contextual links from blogs it may raise a red flag by Google since these blogs has more outbound links to different websites, in the same time profile websites don’t fall under this category which makes links completely white hat without any further penalties. 


That’s why you must keep a healthy ration between links from blog (read contextual) and profile websites to insure a healthy looking backlinks building pattern. This technique has proven itself over years and passes all ongoing Google algorithms.

Website Load Time

Load Time


It’s common knowledge these days that a person won’t stay on a page that takes more than three seconds to load. It’s imperative that your website is optimized in order to snag a high spot in the search engine rankings and to hang on to the traffic you’re getting.

Technology is in a constant state of flux and SEO is changing almost as rapidly. In order to keep your firm on the cutting edge, it’s necessary to be on top of the latest trends.