Expert Tips In Internet Marketing For Lawyers

Internet Marketing For Lawyers

Law Firm’s Marketing Tips

Law firms need effective online marketing strategies to succeed. Just setting a website is not enough. You need to understand how to use your web presence to generate revenue. Set up your law firm’s marketing efforts with these tips in mind.


Develop A Unique Brand Identity

Develop an online presence that gives people trust and confidence in your brand. You can use different platforms to create an interactive environment where customers and prospects can share their experiences. You may be considered as an authority in your area by answering legal questions and responding to consumers online. People want to feel secure when they trust you to offer them legal services. You can ensure this by being very professional when engaging with customers and coming up with a plan to solicit more reviews from previous clients.

Know What Prospects Are Searching For

Use tools like Google Analytics to better understand your customers. You can know how potential customers search for legal services by looking for related keywords and ad groups. If you invest in Pay Per Click campaigns, avoid putting your money on expensive keywords that have limited value. Focus more on keywords that will send in more targeted customers who are likely to seek your services. Use those keywords to create content that answers clients’ questions, builds your credibility and boosts search engine authority.

Write For People And Search Engine Spiders Too

When developing content for your law firm website, remember that it will be read by people and indexed by search engines. Use keywords but let them flow naturally within your content. Avoid stuffing articles and blogs with keywords because this can end up affecting your page rankings. Avoid phrases like “us” and “we” instead use the company’s name making sure you don’t overdo it. Rules of SEO writing like keyword placement should be followed. You can get ideas on what to write from similar law firms with successful content marketing strategies.

Tell Your Story

Web visitors always want to know the human side of your organization. As a law firm, tell a story about how the practice started on the about us page. You can also include testimonials, reviews and press statements on your site. Have a Q&A section on the website to provide valuable information for your visitors. You want reviews on your law firm website, especially on the services pages, to build credibility and boost search engine rankings. Any user generated content including comments can help to keep your pages fresh and favored by search engine spiders.

Take Advantage Of Social Media

Law firms are now heavily vested in social media platforms. Social signals can help to boost your page rankings and that’s why it’s important to share links to certain pages on your website on your social media page. Create content that is shareable so that it’s going to receive a lot of engagement through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Use social media for branding while making sure you remain professional, patient and kind when engaging with consumers.

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