Generic Top Level Domains (TLDs) For The Legal Industry

Generic Top Level Domains

Legal Industry

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers(ICANN) manages TLDs such as .ca, .uk among others. TLDs usually specify the location or institution in which a website services. For instance, .ca domains are often carried by Canadian businesses; it’s all a matter of branding. ICANN received multiple requests of TLDs that are unique to the legal industry such as, .attorney, .lawyer, .legal. TLDs that are unique to blog pages such as .blog are also under consideration by the ICANN.


Drawbacks Of Generic TLDs

There’s a likelihood that the new TLDs will be very competitive considering the fact that they will be offered by private companies. There is also the possibility of other people buying your domain name and using it to compromise your reputation like publishing malicious content that brings down your practice.

Will TLDs Boost Brand Awareness Or Traffic?

Registering a TLD may not have instant results on your website traffic, rankings or reputation online. It is likely going to take you a couple of years before you can prove yourself as a reliable practice and increase your client base. Which makes many law firms wonder if these new TLDs are worth it.

The Next Step

It’s important to review your current marketing strategy and consider what a new domain may do to your brand. If you’ve invested a lot in marketing your current domain, perhaps there’s no need to move to a new one. However, if you think of the risk the TLD will have to your online reputation, you may want to rethink your decision. We advise on discussing this with a professional online marketing strategist. Find out what the benefits and drawbacks of TLDs are. You’ll be surprised to know how much a change in your domain name can add value to your practice.

Value Of New TLDs For Branding

The reason for buying a new TLD is likely to be for branding purposes. People will know immediately they see your website URL that it is in the legal industry. One important thing to note is that TLDs can be very costly compared to the generic extensions. If you are planning to use this as a marketing strategy, first revisit other ways to increase your online presence with your current domain.

For instance, you may need to invest a lot more time and effort on social media marketing. Establishing social media accounts for your law firm and keeping them active all through is important. But make sure you don’t overdo it. Also, narrow down the social media platforms that are more important to your line of business. This will help you to focus on strategies that actually help you to increase your online presence at a low cost.

Registering a TLD can be a costly step for your law firm but it may have some great returns. Don’t forget to ask professional advice on how you can increase your online presence with cost-effective solutions. Start this conversation bearing in mind the drawbacks of having a new TLD.

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