Google My Business, Local SEO, And Your Law Firm

Google My Business, Local SEO, And Your Law Firm

Good Local Rankings

Securing good local rankings should be high on the list of priorities for your law firm.

Google My Business Marketing

Amp Up GMB Rankings

You want it to be easy for clients to find you and to take advantage of your services.

Getting to the top with Google My Business and Local SEO is achievable if you follow some tips and guidelines.

First, let’s focus in on what you need to do to help your rankings with Google My Business.

Build good links. Come up with a list of resources that are related to your specialty area. For example, if you’re a divorce attorney, include links to local counselors, related financial services, and divorce support groups. You can also use Reddit Ask Me Anything as a valuable link and it’s always a good idea to keep track of what your competition is up to.

Use schema markups. To put it most simply, schema markups tell the search engines exactly what it is your law firm does. You can use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. It’s free and easy to use. It looks like this:


Collect positive reviews. Good reviews will boost your search engine rankings. That’s a no-brainer. When you know how to get more reviews and better reviews, you’ll have a leg up on your competition. Ask your prior clients to share their positive reviews of your firm on their social media outlets. You can even link from your webpage to review sites.

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Optimize Your Website

Here are some tips and tricks to make your website and landing pages the best representations of your law firm they can be:

If your law firm exists in one location, your homepage should list all the important information. If your firm has more than one physical location, each should have its own optimized page.

The content on your landing page should contain local keywords and some testimonials from your clients in the area or from businesses.

Make sure your landing page shows your business hours.

It’s important that your site is optimized for mobile devices and that you place emphasis on the speed of the site. You want the people who visit your website to have a satisfying experience that will result in them choosing you to represent them.

Consider writing a blog for your site that can also be shared on various social media outlets to promote your firm.

Each service your firm provides should have its own individual page detailing what’s offered.

It can be helpful to your clients if you embed Google Maps on your homepage with your location clearly marked.

Local SEO Toronto

The Future Of Local SEO

Here are some of the changes that may be coming to local SEO:

Websites may need to be optimized for voice searches.

There could be an even greater focus on client reviews, recommendations, and the value of maintaining a positive reputation.

Search results may be even more localized and specific to certain areas.

Law firms should follow the advances in technology to guide their future marketing practices for the growth of their firm and to the benefit of their clients.

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