How Can Social Media Benefit Lawyers?

Social Media Benefits Lawyers

Advantages Of Social Media

Most people are familiar with at least some aspect of social media, however frequently or infrequently they use it wrong. In the legal field, sometimes it’s assumed that the best use of social media is simply to relay information. Great opportunities are missed when lawyers depend on social media solely for the purpose of distributing content. Let’s take a look at why using social media makes so much sense.

Online Marketing For Lawyers


Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are the methods by which people communicate these days. People from various walks of life, in widely diverse areas, get to know each other via these mediums. Look at the numbers to see just what kind of audience you’re missing out on:

  • 79% of Americans who use the internet have Facebook accounts.

  • 32% use Instagram.

  • 29% use LinkedIn.

  • 24% use Twitter.

If your law firm marketing plan is missing these channels – you are doing it wrong.

Stay Up-To-Date

You’ll be better able to keep up with what’s happening in the legal field in general, as well as news or advancements in your specialty area if you have one. Building a trusted network of news sources and the people who are top in your field will be invaluable in keeping you current.

Solidify Your Brand

Social media is one of the fastest and best ways to get your name and/or the name of your firm out there. The more you’re interacting with others and gaining exposure for your firm and the areas of your expertise, the stronger your brand becomes.

Build Relationships And Network

Connections can be made much more quickly via social media than is possible offline. Relationships are an excellent avenue to grow your circle of influence, as well as your firm. Facebook and the other similar platforms allow you to become acquainted with people with whom you wouldn’t have otherwise had contact. When you post a blog, for example, start a dialogue with the influential people who “liked” it or expressed agreement. You can also seek out those who can add value to your life and your work.

Level The Playing Field

Social media has effectively put small firms and solo entrepreneurs on equal ground as larger, more established firm. In many ways, you have the same access as multi-million dollar firms.


When you’re an active presence on social media, people will be talking about you. Pay attention to the positive reviews and comments that your firm receives, but use the criticisms to set goals for areas in which you can improve. You can even set up a Google alert to let you know whenever the name of your firm is mentioned online. Use the feedback for your advantage.

Social media is a powerful tool that too few lawyers are using for anything more than putting information out there. Focus on the social aspect that can keep you on the radar of past clients should they ever need to utilize your services again, while attracting new clients at the same time.

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