How to Implement SEO for Lawyers: Taking Advantage of Local Reviews

SEO for Lawyers

Attract Customers to Your Business

Today, reviews are very important if you want to attract customers to your business. Local commentaries are a form of user generated content that help to build trust. They can also be used to help improve SEO for lawyers by helping consumers make a decision whether to buy a product or seek a certain service.


How Local Reviews Help In Search Engine Optimization

When users appraise your law firm, they naturally use keywords that can help your site to rank. They can combine keywords such as “personal injury lawyer” with city names in the comments they post online and this helps to boost your site rankings.

Additionally, local reviews can help to boost SEO for law firms when they are left in authoritative websites like Yelp, Yahoo and Google. When someone types in your firm’s name, those commentaries may be the first to appear on SERP. They can even show up on Google Maps especially if they are posted on Google or Yelp.

Local Reviews Can Help Your Law Firm To Stand Out

Reviews may show up on search engine result pages too. When someone looks for a service provider in your area, search engines like Google will show the reviews as a result. The web visitor can then read through them before making a decision on whom to call. The number of commentaries is usually indicated just below the title and link. Web visitors are more likely to click on the result that shows the most reviews.

The same local commentaries can help your prospective customers to learn more about your business. And because people are more likely to trust information when it’s coming from a consumer, this will push people to get in touch with your business.

How To Develop A Review Campaign

Now that you know how important reviews are to your law firm marketing, it’s important to develop a successful campaign to get as many as you can. Remember that consumers are not always ready to appraise your law firm unless you request them to. So come up with a smart tactic to solicit as many as you can from your customers.

First, target the right customers. If you’ve been handling your customers well, there’s no risk in asking all of them to appraise your business. But there are some clients you should not request to evaluate your law firm.

Secondly, keep in mind that this campaign may not be practical for your law firm depending on the area of practice. For instance, if you only focus on divorce and criminal law proceedings, most of these clients may not want everyone to know their business and hence may not be willing to post any comments about the services they received.

Before you ask any client for a review, assess their information first. Make sure they are more likely to say good things about your firm. Double-check to make sure there’s no loophole in your service delivery that could entice them to post negatively. Most importantly, make it as easy as possible for customers to leave a commentary. You can have a template where customers just answer the questions provided.

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