Lawyer Marketing Tips To Increase Conversions

Lawyer Marketing

Increasing Conversions

Blogging can be one of the hardest things for lawyers to do. Coming up with original content everyday may be a daunting task for most lawyers. But have you ever thought of ways to repurpose your old content and use it to get more mileage? Let’s look at a few lawyer marketing tips to help you repurpose old content and use it to generate more leads.


Create an eBook

If you have several related blogs, you can bundle them together and create an eBook. Start by looking for a topic and then find 7 to 10 blogs that you’ve written around that topic. Bring them together and then edit the copy to make sure it has a good flow. You can create an eBook with very little effort and publish it on your site. You can even use a template to make the eBook very presentable with a nice cover and colorful content. Add a call to action inside the eBook to get your reader’s contact information or direct them to certain landing pages.

Use them to create social media posts

Thinking of what to post on social media? Use your blog articles to get ideas on what to post. You can recycle previous blogs by mentioning different aspects when you post it on social media. Your followers are unlikely to keep tabs of what you posted 2 months ago. Simply go through the blog post and note some important pointers. Use them to curate great content that you can share on social media.

Create a newsletter

Email your customers a newsletter that provides them valuable information. You can do a newsletter every month by using blogs that you’ve recently written. All the blogs that address your clients’ needs will form really nice newsletters. Just make sure the topics you include are relevant to the people you are writing for. You can even provide some additional resources in the newsletter to make it more useful.

Invest in video marketing

Blog posts can be converted into really nice and professional videos that will help to generate interest and also boost website rankings. Use the videos to give viewers information they are looking for in a simple and quick manner. You can convert two to three articles into a script for a video.

Come up with infographics

Infographics can be great visual representations of very critical information. You can convert your blogs into infographics by picking out some important data, stats or facts. You can use websites like Canva to create nice looking infographics without any design skills.

Post content on SlideShare

Another way to help your website visitors process information faster is to present it in form of slides and post them to SlideShare. SlideShare presentations can help you to provide valuable content which you can share on your LinkedIn page or use for SEO purposes. You must understand how to recycle content on your blog posts to attract a wider target audience. This is one of the easiest ways to save time and money in content marketing.

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