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If you want to promote your law firm online it’s important to keep abreast of legal marketing trends. Take advantage of legal marketing stats for law firms to create successful campaigns that work for your budget and needs. Below are a number of stats that can be useful when developing marketing campaigns for your law firm.

According to a consumer survey that was done by FindLaw US, 74% of potential customers who get to a law firm website are most likely to get in touch with the practice via their telephone number. 87% of prospects who call the law office will hire the attorney after making the call. You need to ensure your contact information is conspicuously displayed on all pages of your law firm website.


96% of people looking for legal services use search engines to find a reputable law firm. This means your company should place a lot of emphasis on SEO. Ranking for relevant keywords will increase your traffic and sending visitors to proper landing pages will boost your conversions.

38% of people look for an attorney on the internet. Capturing any of these target customers is important because they are way ahead in the sales funnel. They already have an intent to seek your legal services. Provide content that is relevant, interesting and valuable to attract people looking for legal services anywhere online.

74% of prospects will first visit the law firm website in order to take any action. Placing a lot of importance on quality website design can generate high conversion rates. People will look for information about your law firm on the website so always ensure that you’re content is accurate and up to date. Present your law firm as an authority in the legal industry to build trust and credibility.

25% of people looking for legal topics online visit Youtube. If your law firm is yet to create a Youtube channel, this is the time to do it. Create videos that explain to prospects the different services you offer. Build engagement by developing conversational videos and posting them on your Youtube channel. Ensure that the videos are well optimized for search engines by including relevant keywords on the titles and descriptions.

85% of people will look for locations of legal firms on online maps. Start by making sure your law firm is available on Google Maps. List your firm on local listings in your area including Google Places. This will increase the chances of potential customers finding you online.

31% of law firm related traffic is obtained using mobile search. This places a lot of emphasis on having a mobile friendly website. Since many of your target customers will be using their mobile phones to find your services, you need to make sure your website is properly designed to adjust to different screen sizes.

71% of those searching for an attorney prefer having a local attorney. Invest in keywords that optimize your content for local searches. This way, you will be getting more qualified leads and eventually increase your conversions.

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