On Page SEO For Law Firms: Choosing Search Friendly Urls For Lawyers

On Page SEO For Law Firms

Choosing Search Friendly URLs For Lawyers

There has been a lot of changes in the way Google algorithms rank websites. One important aspect of on page SEO for law firms is the URL or web address given for each page. When a page has a URL that is long with special characters and no keywords, Google algorithms will find it difficult to index and rank that page. Poor URLs are not only bad for SEO but are also not user friendly. People will have a hard time trying to figure out what the page is about by just looking at the URL. When marketing your law firm website, take time to develop URLs that are well optimized for search engines and user friendly.


Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Avoid using stop words such as “the”, “and” or “to”. These are terms that will only make your URL lengthy without adding any value to the page description.

Get rid of any special characters from your website addresses. This includes characters such as question marks, colons, dollar signs or any other form of punctuation. Take note that there are special characters that are allowed such as underscores. You can use them to space your URL and make it more readable.

Keep your website addresses as short as possible. Short URLS are more likely to rank on SERPs because they contain the keyword in the initial characters.

Make sure your URLs contain the necessary keywords. This can really help the page to rank better. The URL can be used as anchor text so when it contains appropriate keywords that are also found inside the content, your page will rank high for that term. These keywords that are present in the URL usually appear on SERPs.

When choosing URLs, make sure they match with the content of that page. You can use the title of the page as the URL. Just ensure that it makes sense.

When coming up with URLs avoid using capital letters. As a rule of thumb, all URLs need to be lower case. When you make them uppercase, it can easily lead to broken links. You will end up losing many visitors due to 404 pages.

Before you start implementing any of the above tips, check whether all your current URLs are search engine friendly. You can use a site such as SEOsitecheckup.com to view some of the web addresses on your law firm website that are compromising your rankings.

How To Change The Permalinks

If your law firm website is running on WordPress, you can quickly change the way the URLs appear by changing the permalinks. Simply go to the dashboard and click on settings then click on permalinks; by default, WordPress web addresses appear with a date. Change the permalinks section to make posts and pages appear with the page name instead of a date.

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