Online Marketing for Law Firms: An Action Plan for Success

An Action Plan for Success

Online Marketing for Law Firms

In this digital age, it’s important that legal firms are capitalizing on the online marketing opportunities that are available to them. Many lawyers and people working in law firms aren’t as comfortable with technology as those in other industries but it doesn’t make interacting with the digital world any less important. While you should be diversifying your law firm marketing, be aware that a large percentage of your leads will be coming from the efforts that you make online.

The goal is to turn leads into clients and continue to build the reputation of your brand. Here are some strategies to make it happen:

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Stick To What’s Measurable

Without an unlimited budget, you have to make some choices about what you’re going to put your finances toward. You’ll want to pay attention to where your prospective clients are located and what their needs are. Gather data that allows you to see what’s working and what isn’t so you can make necessary adjustments.

Consider Facebook Ads

There are few people who don’t have a Facebook account. The vast majority of those who have an account check it at least once a day. It’s definitely a great place to get your name out there. Facebook ads are an inexpensive way to experiment and see what will resonate with your prospects and then continue to do what’s proving to be successful. Facebook also uses targeted ads, which means you can get the word about your firm out the people who are in your area.

Use What You Know

If you have a specialty area, it’s a good idea to write blogs, publish ebooks, and publish reports that center on those topics in which you or your team has expertise. When you offer some of these items for free in exchange for contact information you can grow your amount of leads.

Optimize For Mobile

If you haven’t done this already, you need to! Nearly everyone has access to a smartphone or other mobile device. If a potential client is trying to access your website on their tablet and it won’t load, they’ll quickly become frustrated and move on to another site. That’s in addition to the higher ranking you’ll have with search engines and a generally more satisfying user experience.

Organize Your Leads

When you’re using a variety of different marketing tools, as you should be, you’ll be garnering leads from many sources. Without a way to deal with the leads that are coming in, your investment will be for nothing because a large number of your prospects are going to fall through the cracks. You also risk damaging your reputation when you don’t follow-up with clients that were referred to you.

Take advantage of the technology that has changed most facets of life in general. The success of your law firm will be largely dependent on the level that you engage with the online world in terms of marketing. Following these techniques will put you on the path to transforming leads into clients.

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