Using Competitor’s Names to Rank High in Popular Search Engines

Rank High in Popular Search Engines

SEM for Lawyers

Did you know that you can now use a competitor’s name to direct consumers to your law firm website? This is one of the ways lawyers are looking for a competitive advantage in order to rank high on search engines like Google. If you are interested in SEM for lawyers, perhaps this new ruling at the State Bar of Texas will come in handy for you. According to the Professional Ethics Committee of the State Bar of Texas, lawyers can use their competition’s name as a strategy to direct consumers to their own ads.


Using Ads To Drive More Traffic

For a long time, pop up ads have been used to drive traffic to respective websites. The content on the pop up ad is what entices the web visitor to click on the ad. For law firms, competition’s names can be used on the ad so long as it doesn’t contain false or misleading information. The ad also needs to comply with the rules on lawyer advertising. The two main rules in lawyer advertising comprise of:

Rule 1. Lawyers are not allowed to promote themselves as partners, shareholders or associates of one or more lawyers unless they are indeed partners, shareholders or associates.

Rule 2. Lawyers should not engage in any misleading or false communication regarding the services offered by a law firm or lawyer or their qualifications.
By using a competitor’s name in a pop up ad, you should not violate any of the above rules.

Avoid Misleading Information On Pop Up Ads

The keywords used to increase traffic on search results should not be misleading to consumers. For instance, you shouldn’t use a renowned lawyer’s name to indicate that your law firm has a relationship with that lawyer. This will be considered as dishonesty, deceit and fraud. Perform thorough keyword research and know what to use in advertising. If you have to use names of prominent lawyers/law firms, ensure that the content is very clear and doesn’t indicate a relationship that does not exist.

Performing Lawyer Keyword Research

Should you decide to use pop up ads to drive traffic to your website, one important step should be to determine which keywords you need to target. You can opt for keywords that target consumers within your area of business as opposed to general keywords. For instance, a keyword like “personal injury attorney” may not be the best choice if you want to get highly targeted customers. Opt for “personal injury attorney Toronto” to attract a more targeted audience.

Bear in mind that inherently misleading customers is not a good strategy because it only increases your bounce rate. People will visit the law firm website only to miss the information they expected to find. Make sure content on every pop up ad is a reflection of what the consumer will find on the landing page. This will ensure your search engine marketing strategy is highly effective and affordable.

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