The Value Of Testimonials And Referrals In Law Firm Marketing

Getting Referrals from Previous Clients

Important Aspect of Business Development

Most lawyers find it difficult to ask their clients to refer them to their family members or friends. Asking for referrals could make any professional feel uncomfortable not just lawyers. But referrals are a very important aspect of business development. It’s one of the best ways to keep your company afloat while spending less money on law firm marketing. How then do you go about getting referrals from previous clients?


How To Get More Referrals

Research shows that lawyers get more than 70% of new business from referrals. The trick in getting the most referrals is knowing when and how to ask for them. Below are a few ideas on how to get the most referrals:

Ask referrals from clients who you’ve developed a meaningful relationship with and they know and trust you. Make sure they know exactly what you like, what area of law you specialize in and how you can help people.

Build up a network of referral sources. These people may not necessarily be your clients; but it could be other lawyers who don’t offer the service you do or professionals like bankers, real estate agents and insurance agents in your network.

– Make sure you establish a relationship first before you rush to ask for referrals. Always avoid appearing desperate when asking for referrals and remember to let them know you welcome the opportunity to serve their friends and family as good as you have served them.

In a nutshell, it’s going to be easy for you to get referrals if you do excellent legal work, you appreciate your clients and charge reasonable fees. When given a referral, send an appreciation note or even a small token. Avoid going against the ethical rules of sharing money with non-lawyers. With these few tips, you should be able to develop a referral network fast.

Soliciting Testimonials

The idea of leaving a testimonial or review is not welcomed by most people. People don’t write testimonials because of any of these three reasons: they simply don’t have time, they don’t know what to say or they lack the commitment to do it. It’s important to figure out a way to make writing a testimonial easy for your clients.

One way to do this would be to send each of your clients a personal request. Scribble a personal note to the client and even remind them of a positive experience they had while working with you. Structure the request in such a way that it will be easy for the person to write the testimonial. Ask the client questions to not only help you to build a good testimonial but also learn where you may have gone wrong.

Let the client know that the testimonial is also intended to help others who may be seeking the same service. Most importantly, give your former client the permission to write authentically like they would write to a best friend or family member. This brings out testimonials that are genuine and do not sound canned when other potential clients read them.

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