Top Trends In Online Marketing For Lawyers

Online Marketing For Lawyers

Investing in Digital Marketing

With law firms coming up by the day, competition in the legal industry is massive. It’s no wonder many law firms are now investing in digital marketing. In the digital world, law firms are doing whatever it takes to remain ahead of the pack. Let’s take a look at the digital marketing trends of 2017.


High Engagements And Improved Conversions On Social Media

Most law firms use social media as a distribution channel where they share their content and resources and expect customers to just consume it. However, the latest trend involves using social media strategies or developing campaigns that build better engagement and also help to increase conversion rates.

SEO Will Be Given More Importance

A few years ago, only a few law firms invested in search engine optimization. However, 2017 is likely to be the year when firms put a lot more time and effort on SEO. Law firms will use search campaigns to not only create brand awareness but also generate more leads and boost conversion rates.

More Attention To Mobile Website Design

With the ever-growing number of mobile web users, law firms will begin investing in mobile website design. Law firm websites will be optimized for mobile users allowing people to visit them using all kinds of devices. This will allow more and more people to consume and download their content using mobile devices.

Focus On Intelligent Content

2017 is likely to be the year when intelligent content takes over the legal industry’s online marketing. More and more law firms and legal marketers are going to adopt the concept of intelligent content as opposed to content marketing. Law firms will focus on consistency, quality, relevance and readability when it comes to the content they will be sharing with users online.

Key Focus On Measuring Success Of Digital Marketing Efforts

Law firms will pay attention to online marketing strategies that yield the best results. They will begin to obtain insights from their digital marketing efforts. From collecting data to analyzing it and deriving meaning, digital marketing will be more effective for law firms that will spend time in tracking and reviewing data.

Marketing In Multiple Channels

This is the year when law firms will invest in multi channel marketing. This includes marketing their firms online, through promotional events, retail locations, and even word of mouth. This type of marketing is important for law firms that are more concerned with building their brand image and expanding their customer base. It’s time law firms start thinking like large retail chains.

Use Of Automation Tools In Marketing

Legal firms will begin to make use of marketing automation. Whether it’s using a CRM system or an email tool to simplify marketing and make it easier to collect and analyze data, this is expected to take center stage this year. These marketing automation platforms are expected to help law firms to improve engagement with customers and consequently improve their bottom-line.

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