Upgrading Law Firm Online Marketing Strategies

Law Firm Online Marketing Strategies

Attract Online Visitors

When was the last time you reviewed your law firm’s online marketing efforts? While you are stuck in old fashioned online strategies, your competitors are grabbing every opportunity to attract online visitors. Law firms are now investing their time and money on website redesign and digital marketing campaigns that are proven to work until now. Here’s why you should upgrade your law firm’s marketing strategies.


Everyone Is Opting For Mobile

The number of people using desktop computers to browse is growing less every day. Web visitors today prefer using their smartphones and tablets to search for information online. Therefore, it’s very important to ensure your law firm website is mobile friendly. Web pages must be optimized for different mobile devices. You can keep track of the number of people accessing your website using mobile devices on Google Analytics. If your website is not mobile friendly, hire a qualified designer to revamp it and make it more attractive to online users.

Make sure information such as your contacts and addresses appear on every first page a customer loads. The site should reformat itself to show content properly regardless of the screen size. It basically shouldn’t matter what device the visitor is using, they should be able to see all relevant information on your web pages. When it comes to content like blog posts, make sure you keep it short and properly structured. Information that is written in bullet points and highlighted is easy for someone to read on a small device. Avoid the long and boring pieces of content for the sake of mobile users.

Invest In Quality Videos

If you are yet to incorporate videos on your website, you are missing out on possible conversions. Start by doing very professional videos that give website visitors information about your law firm. Let your videos tell a story about how your attorneys work to achieve success or answer some of your clients’ frequently asked questions. Make videos conversational to capture the viewer’s attention. Remember that most people wouldn’t want to listen to legal jargon so avoid this in your videos.

Revamp Your Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to interact with your target audience and let them learn about you, your practice area and any legal developments that are valuable to their day to day lives. Placing an emphasis on quality blog posts can quickly turn prospective customers into consumers. But bear in mind that blogs must be interesting, useful and pertinent. Anything that is keyword stuffed, long and boring is unlikely to interest your target audience.

You can choose to provide specific information about an area of law that you practice. Podcasts are also being used by law firms to provide interesting information within a short amount of time. They are very effective in capturing the viewer’s attention on their way to work or while walking/driving. Podcasts should have transcripts just in case someone wants to go through the information quickly looking for some important details. You can even create important tools for your customers and allow them to use them on the website. For instance, a law firm that specializes in family law can have a tool that calculates child support based on the area’s regulations.

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