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How Does SEO Work?


As a leading Ottawa SEO Agency, Nova Solutions has a very calculated approach towards its SEO services in-order to achieve the best possible results.

Strategy & Keyword Research

This is the corner stone before the start of our SEO services; our goal is to place the clients website in the highest number of searches for their business offerings and its geographic location(s). A very thorough analysis is conducted on the current state of the websites rankings and these rankings are used as a benchmark for the future. At Nova Solutions we do not limit the number of keywords within our SEO offerings and our strategy is designed in a manner that certain keywords are focused upon during the various phases of our SEO service. We generate lists of keywords that have adequate search volume against the product and service offerings of the business. Keywords are classified as primary, secondary and long tail keywords and the goal is to uplift positions for all such keywords. During the strategy phase, we conduct a through analysis of the website is also conducted to see what type of adjustments need to be made so that the Google spider can crawl it the most effective manner.

Content Writing

Content is one of the most important elements of SEO. Google weighs considerable emphasis on quality content that is informative and well written without the overuse of keywords. There is a very notable statement regarding content for SEO; ‘content is king’, therefore at Nova, we have expert content writers creating original content for every page of a website that is being optimized for SEO. It is very important that the content is not duplicated nor are they ‘spammy’ in anyway so that it adheres strictly with Google’s guidelines. Not only will well written content increase conversation from your website but it also helps with the process of attaining organic positions through SEO.

On-Page SEO

As the title suggests, on-page SEO is a series of tasks that are done on the respective website for organic rankings optimization. These tasks structure the website in a manner that makes it very easy for the Google spider to crawl the website and understand exactly what the website and the business are offering in a particular geographic region. Certain CMS (Content Management Systems) prove to be more effective for SEO as they are much more widely used and Google understands the contents of these websites much better compared to a custom built CMS. Platforms like WordPress are very effective for website search engine optimization as it is the most widely used CMS in the world and the Google spider understands it very well.

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Off-Page SEO

Off page activities are items that are preformed across the Internet with the overall objective of increasing organic positions of the website. Most people think that off page activities result to link building; not at Nova Solutions. Our approach for SEO always revolves around content marketing and use of social media for purposes of attaining top organic positions. We do not use any automated tools or any other such black hat techniques and the tasks are preformed manually to show Google that all this activity around a particular domain on the Internet is occurring naturally. It is very important to work with an agency that has experience and credible results as inexperienced individuals who try to circumvent the system almost always land their domain in a penalty from the search engine making it very challenging to regain positions. At Nova Solutions all our SEO services are completely white-hat and despite Google updates and changes, our clients have maintained their top keyword positions for a long time.



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